Vanilla coke

So… I finally gave in and bought one of the ‘new’ vanilla cokes… strangely reminds me of ‘ice cream soda’ from back in the UK !

Gotta love the adverts on television for it - one guy puts his head through a board and some other dude gets his head in a headlock to make sure he drinks vanilla coke, or other one with same guy getting stuffed in a phone box…

The first few days I drank it were nice … but then after about a week, it just start tasting like regular coke … maybe there’s something wrong with my palate …

Tastes a little like A&W Rootbeer (sans “frosty mug taste”).


Vanilla Coke doesn’t taste anything like coke. I agree with Scott02 taste more like cream soda than anything else. So ‘cream soda’ in Canada is called ‘ice cream soda’ in the UK? Cool!

It’s called a spider in Aus.

Where can you find it? And have you tried the Cherry Coke? Can be found at the Breeze Center supermarket. Quite expensive though since it’s imported from Germany …

if u dont live far from Tien Mu in Taipei… u might wanna go by the import stores there… i would say about 90% of them have either cherry coke or vanilla coke… 50% have both… =) (rough estimates)

Why is cream soda in Australia always red? I remember it being gold colored in the US, and that is what I associated with cream soda. Vanilla Coke doesn’t taste like either one to me. It tastes vaguely like Vanilla Coke for the first second, after which it tastes like Coke, just like Cherry Coke before it. Better just to get a bottle of vanilla extract, imho. Now how long before they come out with Chocolate Coke?

i found the “welcome” near my house carries vanilla coke. hmmm…you might try your neighborhood “welcome”.

Well, they don’t have Vanilla Coke Light (or Diet Vanilla Coke) yet, or do they?
And why has the lemon taken so long to get here? And how come no caffeine free?
They’re years behind with the marketing here in TWN.

7-11, Circle K ( and it is circle k not OK), happy mart, etc…