Vanity Fair Takes Nude Photos of 15 Year Old

Annie Leibovitz Calls Topless Miley Cyrus Pic “Very Beautiful”
Doesn’t look bad to me. I don’t even know who that girl is. Some Disney star. As far as I know, there was no full frontal shots.

As your link states, it wasn’t Vanity Fair (well technically it was), so much as Annie Liebowitz. If she wanted to do your photo would you say no?

I noticed today the girl was saying she felt tricked into it, which is BS. She was fully aware of what she was doing, she was excited about having mildly sexy photos taken by a fantastic, famous photographer, her parents were present during the shooting, everyone knew what they were doing. . . until afterwards when people started saying this could ruin the Disney pure and wholesome image (ha ha) and seriously damage the girl’s career, harming her revenue stream, so she quickly backpedaled and falsely claimed she was duped. Lame. Better to admit you’re a slut than pretend you’re a naive, foolish prude.

But we don’t want her to end up like Britney. Another Disney kid gone bad.

That’s not even topless – it’s just a bared shoulder. What’s the fuss about? Never heard of her anyway.

My thoughts exactly, sounds more like the prudish US media drumming up tomorrow’s story

If it was really topless then I think there would be a fuss.

OP, you will make a great reporter, what a sensational title, with two lies.

  1. Not VF
  2. Not nude
    How to sell newspapers… unbelievable!!!

Made you look.

New York Post = somewhere between real newspaper and tabloid. The American media is almost a total joke these days, nearly the entire lot can be summed up as a corporate whore. There is no journalistic integrity other than to “sell” - what used to be simple bias is now propaganda and what used to be sensationalism is now… sensationalism + 100 animated american flags.

What can we Americans do? Give more money to PBS?

[quote=“Dr. McCoy”]Made you look.[/quote]I didn’t look at this thread.

  1. Nothing
  2. Yes.

Because Red Green, Bill Nye, are Frontline were more influential than all the time I spent in middle school.

Because 3-2-1 Contact had a super-bad-ass techno theme song in the early 80’s.

Because Mr. Snuffleupagus still reminds me of my babysitter’s mom.

All this hoopla over a bared shoulder…?! I expected at least a nipple…

The poor girl and her agent / firm must be terribly embarrassed about all the media attention this is getting. And right at that sensitive, awkward time when her cachet as a “child star” begins to disappear, and her future in the entertainment business depends on establishing herself as a character with sex appeal.

I looked. But I kept my trousers on.

I guess a better title would have been “Photographer Takes Advantage of Underaged Girl”.

Put it this way, I had no idea who this young girl was until I saw this on the crap news. Now I do. If she wasn’t a household name before, she sure is now. The entertainment industry NEEDs another Britney. Here she is.

My friend’s daughters–and every other pre-teen girl and boy in America is in LOVE with this girl. She is Billy-Ray Cyrus’s daughter. Her stage persona is Hanna Montana and she has her own show that she stars in with her dad–who plays her dad. And she has her own hugely successfull singing carear.

I think photo on the cover of VF makes her look pale and–just odd. Really, the photo isn’t so bad in itself, but the fact that it looks she just had sex is kinda creapy with her baby face.

Her parents WERE on the set with her, however, and there even some photos taken of her and her dad together that also look vaguely suggestive of a sexual undertone. At least they would to anyone who didn’t know they were father and daughter. Let me see if I can find you one.

In hindsight Snowden at least had the temerity to get them snapped young and naked. They’d hang him from a tree for his pics these days.


My word is she only 15?! heavens forbid! Ban contraception! Ban abortion! Ban stem cell research! This is America after all! Now take out your bibles and start praying that god forgive us all of our sins.


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