Vapes in Taiwan

I thought E cigarettes weren’t approved for a long time but when I came back I saw a lot of people vaping.

So when did they approve that?

I find vaping really annoying. Probably just showing my age but people vaping look like dickheads. I’m guessing there’s non-smokers taking it up just because it’s hip. :grandpa:

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A lot of my generation shares your opinion. Vaping is loosely associated with douchebag culture, in the same way that wearing an Affliction or Ed Hardy t-shirt is. And listening to dubstep.

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My grandma just took up CBD vaping (so my son tells me). Poor gal. I wish they’d just hook her up with some hash oil. Being ancient must be a righteous bitch.

Hahaha. Ed Hardy. :joy:

What about weed gummies? My great aunt, may she rest in peace, took those toward the end of her struggle with Parkinson’s. She was really chillin’.

You know… You’re right. I should load up on edibles and take them to her. Why didn’t i think of that?

Don’t laugh, that shit is still hard currency here.

Even if you aren’t Stefan.

Ooh, now then. I like dubstep.

All these years of taking flak for liking dub, then dubstep comes out. Now I’m not only looked down on, but misunderstood too. Woe is me.

I should specify that I’m not referring to true dubstep, but an unbearable bastardization often blasted in gyms that is commonly referred to as “brostep.”

Think: BEEEE bwa bwa bwa bwa bwa bwa [garbage truck industrial noises, honky/flatulent sounds, printer/copier whirring]

For your reference:

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Yeah, they look like tools, but they put out a lot less secondhand smoke, so I appreciate them for that. And there’s always the chance the thing will blow up in their face. :grin:

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It seems to be the new look here for the returning TBA’s. Vape, some weird form of transport (motorized skateboard, balance scooter, a big fat wheel with a seat on it), bit of wispy facial hair. The backwards NY Yankees cap is still going strong mind.

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Just think of it as evolutionary forces in action.

Hover boards here are the true wild card. They defy categorization. Twelve year old girl, bored retired dad, equally bored rich young man who has nothing else to buy, I’ve even seen obasans blow past on them. Zoom! Down the sidewalk, both hands full of grocery bags. Looks ominous as hell.

I can’t keep up with them. Every day someone blasts past on a new thing I know not the name of.

Just get TF out of the way, gramps!

There are a bunch of vape shops around. They are selling vapes not e-cigarettes also there is no juice with nicotine. I’ve been let into Taiwan twice with my vape and juice since January 2019. I’m wondering if I’m just getting lucky or vaping is fine but not e-cigarettes. Which really there is not much difference.