Variant Characters

Are there any resources (websites, books, etc.) out there to find out more about strange/variant characters?

Dear MrFantastic,

The Dictionary of Character Variants:

Kobo-Daishi, PLLA.

That’s excellent Kobo-Daishi. Thanks.

There is also a strange Japanese Kanji I am looking for consisting of 3 “yun” (clouds) above 3 “long” (dragons). I haven’t been able to find info on it other than it has 84 strokes. Any advice on that one?

The Han4yu3 Da4 Zi4dian3 contains virtually all variants, including really obsolete ones. 漢語大字典. The original is by H

Do you happen to know if they have it as a CD-ROM?

I don’t know; it might be, by now. This is a massive tome, btw – 9"x12"x4" thick. Too bad it doesn’t have a pinyin index. This is lookup by key components (‘radicals’).