Varicose Vein (spider vein) Treatment

Does anyone know of a clinic that specializes in treatment of varicose veins or provides services in that area?

Chang Geng Hospital dermatology does. It’s in Taipei on Dunhwa, past Nanking.

I went to Cathay Hospital, near RenAi & AnHe Roads, for a treatment that sugerically removed them.

Is surgery to remove varicose veins covered by National Health Insurance? What is the cost?

I think it would be considered cosmetic unless it was posing a serious health poblem. Most vericose veins, esp. spider veins can be treated with saline injections. Vein stripping is for those knotted ones.


I have those little spider veins in my legs and I figure the best time to do that is now while it is still pants weather and cool enough to wear the support hose or whatever it is I have to wear under my clothes.
I have heard that it is done in Taipei both by sclereotherapy and by laser. I have quite a few of them, not the raised kind, but just the little spider-y kind that show under my skin.

Can anyone recommend a good place to have this done, and clue me in on how much it might cost? I really am the most interested in quality and a doctor who speaks a bit of English and can discuss my options with me.

I actually had this done about 5 years ago back home by scelerotherapy and it worked, but unfortunately my habit of crossing my legs when I sit has brought them back.

If amyone could help me out I would be so so so grateful! :rainbow:

Crossing your legs give you spider veins??? Are you sure? My grade 7 teacher told us that wearing snow, or heavy boots inside would give us veins on our ankles. And I know that isn’t true. I wear army boots and I’m still ok.

Dr Kelvin Ka-Wai Tam
Taipei Medical University Hospital

252 WuXing street, tel: 886-2-2737-2181 ext.3918

He speaks very good English. I recently did endovascular surgery (vein stripping for bigger veins and laser for smaller veins) to remove some of my varicose veins, under regional anesthesia, but I think he does spider veins too, under local or regional anesthesia, depending on the severity of the medical condition. He claims to be one of the few doctors that guarantees that you will be able to go back to your regular activities 1 week after the surgery. I had a pretty serious condition and after one week of wearing special stocking (after the surgery), I was back at hiking and 2 weeks after the surgery back to my running routine.

I have an international insurance but I couldn’t claim the medical bills. The cost of the operation for one leg is 49,000 ntd , for both is 59,000 ntd, plus operation costs and overnight stay, the total sum was just over 90,000 ntd.

I just posted looking for products similar to this herbal TCM wash

So, turns out my aunt wants less expensive alternatives for her varicose veins. Can anyone give other TCM-based recommendations? Or point me in direction to ask about them?