VAT 69 Blended Whisky?


HI, I’m trying to get my friend a b-day gift, and he likes whisky.

Someone mentioned to me that VAT 69 is really good. Any opinions? Why or why not (is it good)?


Are you kidding? Didn’t you see Band of Brothers?

“Nix, did you hear me? You’re being demoted!”
“Yeah, I heard you…so what should I write in this letter??”

Funny you should mention, Bubba 2 Guns and I recently located a rare cache of the stuff at a Drinks store.
Needless to say, we loaded up.
Well, technically he loaded up, I’m just helping him drink it.
It’s real good hootch for the price, way smoother than most blended scotches in the under-NT$700 range.
It does, however (see Capt. Lewis Nixon 101st Airborne, above) inspire extreme loyalty in lots of folks.
Can’t really say why.
Except for how cool it is to drink it and pretend you just liberated the Kehlsteinhaus…


If its a friend…show them that you really care.



If its a friend…show them that you really care.[/quote]

If that’s from Kentucky, how come they spell whisky without an “e”?


Thanks for all your recommendations.

I like Maker’s, but my friend thinks it’s so-so. His current favorite is Highland Park, and my other friend got him some japanese whiskey that’s been rated highly. I thought it would be cool to try something new, so I thought of the VAT. Incidentally, Band of Brothers did make me think of that.


aspirational marketing.


A thought…

Buy the Vat 69 and ask the liquor store, or somewhere, if they have any of the BoB promotional stuff they can let you have. Maybe ask a distributor, they always have load of that stuff just for the asking.
Make a nice addition to the gift.


He’s partial to Highland Park and you want to give him Vat 69? That’s like giving him a can of Taiwan beer because he’s partial to Czech Budweiser.
Get him some Grouse instead.


If you’re an old man like me and like about a liter of water in your whisky, Vat 69 is entirely suitable, and cheap.


Wow ten year old whiskey eh?
If you don’t want to blow the bank Old Parr is good but I don’t know if the brand is still alive


The best value in blended whisky is surely White Horse, although I’ve never seen it in Taiwan. Smooth with a bit of peat!