Vbr coding methods?

Could someone please explain what the differences are between:

‘defauly, new, old, cbr and abr’

I am trying to rip my cd so that the bitrate fluctuates between 160 and 320.

What program are you using?

For ripping I use ‘mp3 producer’, for converting I use ‘Fairstars’ or ‘alive’.

However, no matter what program they all have 5 options to choose from for the VBR setting. I have trouble understanding the differences between those settings.

I use dbpoweramp.com/ and it lets me set the VBR just as you specified. Its great, has lots of plugins.

foobar2000 is pretty cool too, but for some of these programs you have to compile LAME or find LAME.exe somewhere on the net and install it in the proper folder on your own.

Search around for some FAQs on LAME, which is often the underlying mp3 ripper, they may explain those options you are being offered. What you want sounds like the --extreme option.