Vcr -> vcd/dvd

Any ideas where I can get my hands on a device that allows you to back up your VHS collection onto VCD or DVD format?

I’m told that there is a standalone device where you stick in a Tape and a blank disc and… voila… a back up on disc

For stand-alone solutions (not PC) check the local electrical/electronic stores like Daiichi, 3C and FNAC, they have VCD/DVD recorders. There are models which have a VHS and DVD slot, too.

How much would those be, Rascal? I’ve got a BIG collection of VHS videos at home…


I had a VHS made into a DVD, cost me 400 NT at Guanghua Market.

I got about 15 tapes done for a grand total of about NT$1200. The place is up near Hsinsheng/Pateh Rd. in that little maze of computer places. The key is that I told the guy I wasn’t in a hurry…he could do it nights, weekends, whenever he had some extra time with his machine. Within a month he had 'em all done. They were VCDs not DVDs however if that matters to you.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback

I was originally looking for a stand-alone because this is how I understood my dad’s description. His friend has some kind of device.

After hopelessly scouting out Guanghua last night, I checked again, and it seems that a stand-alone is NOT what his buddy has.

So, now I’m looking for a device. This one looks promising: … _usb.shtml

I didn’t comment earlier because I didn’t think you wanted to use a PC :slight_smile:

They sell this exact device at 3C (I saw it at the one on the corner of Xinyi and Guangfu) assuming you have USB 2.0 ports. I don’t, so I opted for the V-Gear TV Box, which also has AV inputs, although I think it’s only mono (I don’t know, I only used the vid). … G1-002-006

This was around NT$1700 at 3C and I was getting video onto my hard drive within about 15 minutes of opening the box - thank goodness for English setup instructions :slight_smile:

Now that’s a nifty product! :sunglasses:

DVD Recorders start at NT$9900 (NT$1500 with i-link/Firewire input). Not sure about those combined VHS/DVD units, have to check some more shops if you want to know.
Though note that the local models will probably be NTSC only (the VHS part), thus they would be of not much use for your PAL tapes.

Combined units in Europe start at around EUR300 but with most things were you cramp a lot of stuff into one box the performance suffers, i.e. they are neither good DVD players nor good VCRs.