Vegetables distributors for restaurants in Taipei

anyone with a link of distributors or suppliers of fresh vegetables to restaurants?
Not markets, farms or supermarkets.

Depends on the side of the restaurant. Our neighborhood restaurants get supplied by the neighborhood vegetable store, which in turn gets its goods from the large vegetable market in Neihu. Fish from a certain at all in Suao. A pig farm truck delivers a live pig to the market each morning. 3 neighborhood suppliers provide dry goods and tableware.

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Thanks @Icon
I am more looking for the distributor for high end restaurants ( not that local market are bad).
Do you have any names or links for those distributors?

A live pig? So the meat sold is from it? If so I will start buying meat from the market instead of Costco and major supermarkets. I always saw those trucks at midnight transporting unrefrigerated hanging dead open pigs on various highways in Taiwan. One time had a chance to ask a driver in the south were was he headed and he said Taipei. So I just wondered that meat all those hours out of refrigeration …

One supposes that if at 3am a live black pig was unloaded from the truck and that by 6 am there are several assorted pork parts hanging from varios racks, some kind of transformation took place.

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They have a minimum amount before they deliver, if not they add delivery cost.
I have to check.

I don’t think that’s the case anymore, as it is or should be with chickens and other birds.

In Europe they would pull you over, confiscate the load and have it destroyed. You can’t even transport eggs without refrigeration.

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I sent a PM

Indeed there is a lot of security involved now. GPS trackers for trucks and codes for all animals.