Vegetarian Restaurant in Taipei

I have a vegetarian customer visiting me soon.
Do you have any receomendations for a good vegetarian restaurant in Taipei?

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Good, informal place on Jilin Road, just above the corner of Minchuen E rd. If you are going South, it is on your left beside a hospital.

phone: 02-2542-9858

The best, I mean the best vegetarian restaurant-is in Taipei somewhere, its listed in acouple guidebooks-It’s called La Marquise-and its you guessed it-French Vegetarian.
Its a bit pricey (not ridiculous, but you know) but sweet jesus, this place is so romantic I almost made out with my table-everyone should go there.
I’ll repost if I can find the address.

Not sure if it’s the same place as the one that almost made the guy make out with his table, but there is a french vegetarian place called “M” something in Tien mu.

Jong Shan Bei Lou, sec. 6, on the right as you head north, almost to the bus circle, when the road has begun to ascend towards said circle.

If you want to meet some other vegetarians and check out new veggie restaurants in Taipei, come along to the monthly Veggie Feed, this Thursday (July 8). … 949#189949


The best ever restaurant I’ve been to in Taipei is Tang Tang Vegetarian Foods. Actually the nameboard says vegetarian health foods. Its located in a quiet side alley near the Liuchangli MRT. Lots of buses go there too. Average meal for 2 costs around 250NT$. They have an excellent menu, and can spice up your food if you want it that way. The ambience is terrific so is the soft music. They sell books and cookies too. The whole place has an extremely classy look and feel to it. The owner is a very nice guy and very very friendly.The place doesn’t smell at all and the people working there are all very neat and friendly.Pls. call them at 02-27321243 or 02-23784358 to find the location.The place is open from 10am to 830pm.

I’m sold.

I’m sold.[/quote]
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where where where?! I work right by liuzhangli