Veggie Fest, Food and Music Festival

Vegan inclined probably already know but…

Happening today at Tiger Mountain. 3rd year running.


Ohhh anyone going?!

Well as it will stop me catching Monkey Pox feel I have to go!

“ Climate change, the pandemic, monkeypox, are we getting the message?” organizer Sean Scanlan says. “The best thing we can do for the planet is to change our diet. I’m not saying do it forever, just try it for one day.”

Seriously I think I will tho.
Good to have a distinct variety of food for a change.

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I seriously hope though they have proper vegetarian food. Too many vegan stalls in Taiwan just sell baked goods or pizza. These events need to have good salads and vege grills and baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, I.e, actual cooked vegetables. Vegetable skewers etc. This event should be a celebration of the :carrot: and the :broccoli: .


Ohhh nooo, I saw this too late :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Date is wrong today Saturday 6th I’ve just been shown a flyer,

As you can see a music festival and I’m pissed off date is incorrect.

However I’m having a beer listening to good sounds at [vinyl Decision.](https://100, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 1, Bade Rd, 一號華山文創園區,紅磚區西7-4館)

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What date is wrong? Says August 6 on flyer.

Vinyl Decision obviously a great alternative for music, beer, company.

What part of August 6 is hard to understand? :joy:

This part, I didn’t read until today Saturday so I thought Sunday.

Yes I was wrong, but hey the bear never is?

sometimes the best vegetarian dishes are served by meat serving eateries :wink:

but Taiwan has some wicked veggie spots, especially taipei! just dont expect good vegetables to be as cheap as factory meat. that’s a key point!

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Morrissey once famously stopped playing at an open air concert because he smelt the aroma of cooked meat from a vendor.

I was right, not a single carrot, parsnip, turnip, broccoli, cabbage, green bean, bean sprout, alfalfa, rocket, Brussels sprout, egg plant, courgette, zucchini, marrow, squash, leek, potato, kumara, taro, yam, passion fruit, durian, pomegranate, persimmon……

Nothing. No salads, no grilled vegetables, no soups.

I ate three samosa and quiche.

This is not how you change the world.


How was the music?

I’m guessing not crowded, and hot.

I think my buddy was performing at this. Hopefully the music was good.

It was very busy. I mean, the music, I’ve seen most of those bands before. They’re OK. Balkazar are good, I guess. I was there for the craic.

Is this what you’re talking about?

Just harvested these from my garden for lunch. Fresh apples in a week or two:


@the_bear Wasnt there a steep entry fee too?

Good point. I’d hate to donate, show up for a veggies, and not get any veggies

typically the event organizer is doing it to make money I guess.

600nt to go to a vegetarian food festival with not really much representative food…?
looks like someone wants to jump on a bandwagon and claim they are saving the planet…
no thanks, i think i will pass on anymore of their so called “festivals”, there are better options.

Surprised to hear there were not a ton of veggies available.

I think it’s mostly an extended group of friends that make all of these events happen. It’s for their pleasure.

It’s good that they put these things on, make money, and have fun.

I guess supporting the local musicians would be the best thing about the event. It is rare that so many groups made up mostly of foreigners gets such an audience.

I avoid these events for the reason of not desiring to be a part of any clique. Veggie clique, climate clique, beer clique, foreigner clique, weirdo clique, etc…