Veggie Restaurants/Food

Are there any decent veggie restaurants in Taichung? I’ve told that a lot of places do veggie food, but I’ve forgotten where they were. Not that it would make any difference with my knowledge of the area at the moment.

Preferably around Chongde 2nd road near the shane school?

For Taichung restaurants and activities you can try the Compass Magazine website. It has restaurant listings, activities, and even has some maps. You can also pick up a hard copy of the magazine at some restaurants and bookstores in Taichung. The site is worth checking out for the maps alone.

Check this thread for a link submitted by divea with an extensive list of Vegetarian restaurants throughout Taiwan.

Here is the link for Vegetarian in Taichung City.

Here is the link for Taichung County.

Hi Nick! Megan here! Check out for a good search of veggie places. Also, if you’re in the North District like me, I usually frequent a few buffets on Shanxi road, close to the intersection of Meichuan West Road and Shanxi. Email me if you have any more questions, I can show you where they are…it’s worth the treck!

Hey Megan. I think I sent you an email…but I’m not sure. Anyway, it’d be cool to check out some places with a fellow veggie! I’m still finding my feet a little, but I’m always up for a veggie adventure!

Ahhh. After studying a lonely planet map for about half an hour I think I know where you mean, and where I am. Eureka moment, literally.