Vehicle Inspection

So, turns out we have to renew our insurance and must get an inspection done prior to that. Anyone got a good (read cheap and bribable) mechanic?

PM me as well as posting the info here please.

Mods, sorry if there is an existing thread about this.

The inspection stations are just that, they don’t normally work on cars, and they are government licensed to do the inspection work. Going there yourself with your old beater isn’t the best idea. I’m told it’s better to have your mechanic take your car in for testing, especially if he puts a lot of cars through that station… and that they might not even notice what color it is… :wink:
BTW, when the car is due for inspection you should get a notice in the mail, it will have a list of the authorized test stations in your area.

Thanks man. I’ll see if our mechanic is up for that.

I always bring in my old beater.

It passes every time.

Drive it through yourself. It is a piece of cake and much cheaper than asking your mechanic to do it. You might need minimal Chinese skills though.

Get a betel nut babe to take it in. They may not even notice the car at all.

Huh, what car? :sunglasses:

Ok, same for bikes, right?
Fortunately, I haven’t gotten one of those notices in the mail in many years, so that means I don’t to take it in, right? :wink:

Your mechanic might know people there though, and that makes a difference. For example, I had to pull my bumpers and drop my suspension to pass last time. After talking to my friends I realized that they have a “set” plan to inspect their modified rigs. I’m due in a couple of weeks, will let you know how it goes.

In the past I’ve always done it myself. 450NT. Make sure you have all of your paper work up to date. First they will test your exhaust, then the brakes, including your emergency brake. They will then check your VIN tag against your registration. They may or may not double check the VIN number on the frame. Pass all that and you are done…Not even 5 minutes.

You’ll need a minumum amount of Chinese to get this done. If you car is dodgy in any way either with registration or engine problems then let your mechanic handle it. But go with him so that in the future you know what to do…It’s really easy.

I did it this morning. Virtually no Chinese required but make sure you get there early or you’ll have to wait in line for ages for a four-minute check (I timed it).

What time do they open?

I was there at around 8:30 and it was already quite busy.

Does anyone know where I can have my car inspected in Taichung City? I haven’t received any notices in the mail, but I know the inspection is due by the end of August. I live in Beitun. Thanks.