Velocite Bikes - high performance bikes

We have been in business since 2008. Fist operating from Daan in Taipei, and since 2009 from the (mostly) sunny Kaohsiung.

We specialize in making only high performance bikes. Our bikes offer tangible advantages in terms of torsional stiffness which is important for both road and mountain bikes. If you have ever struggled to understand why some bikes cost more than others, and if you are an experienced rider and can no longer tell the difference, we fully understand you. We could not tell the difference either regardless of the manufacturers’ claims to the contrary, or their price tags.

That is the reason why we started Velocite - we wanted to offer bikes and components where the differences are immediately felt, where the reasons for superiority or different price points are easily communicated and where the customer gets what they thought they bought. How do our bikes compare to the mainstream competition? They are stiffer, but no heavier or uncomfortable; they feel faster and they make you feel like a hero.

You can check out our range here: Velocite Bikes

As we are the manufacturer we have all sizes in stock (unless sold out). We also have two retail locations in Taiwan, one in Taipei and one in Kaohsiung, we will soon add more. You are also welcome to order online. All the purchases are billed in TWD and you can use PayPal or Credit Card (processed by the Taiwanese NCCC) to pay for your orders. Shipping is almost free, we only charge for the packaging materials.

If you have any questions you can leave a reply here or use our contact form: Contact us

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