I haven’t had any luck with finding connections for my other interests (archery, Scouting, and ham radio). So does anyone know if there are velodromes in the area of Tainan north to Chiayi?

Hi, I am in the Tainan area and want to get into archery. I’ve never done it before.

there is one velodrome in Kaohsiung, and one in Hsinchu. That’s it for the whole of Taiwan, I believe, but one would need better Chinese than I have to really dig into the interwebs to find out more.

I’ve been to the one in xinzhu…unfortunately it’s starting to crack up underfoot…shame cos it just sits there unused.

I think there’s a velodrome near Dajia in Taichung. Never been to it though, just seen it from the train window.

Not sure about JiaYi, but Like CFI says there’s a massive outdoor stadium velodrome over near the new QingQuanGang airport near Taichung. Back in the day it would have been fit to host Olympic cycling events but now it seems to be used for mosquito breeding only, even though the wooden track surface itself has been fairly recently overhauled. Whether it’ll ever be open for public use and what the government in it’s infinite ignorance intends to do with it is anyone’s guess. Click here for location on Google maps.

It’s actually in Qingshui District near the airport, but I don’t know about its availability to the general public. Bigfoot hosts a duathlon there on August 28 but doesn’t actually use the facility for the race… only the grounds…

Yay: three! None of them near any major population centres, tho, and most seem to be woefully underused. Typical.

Taichung is not a major population center? Underused, obviously… I don’t even know the state of repair of the one in Taichung, though I presume it will be part of the 2017 East Asian Games bid Taichung is putting together, so perhaps it will get a fix up…

A while back I did locate the one in Tainan off JianKang Rd. Like the others mentioned here, all locked up and a forrest of weeds in the infield. I also located a nice archery facility on the north end of Tainan in the same condition. What’s up?

built with good intentions, but Hey, it’s Taiwan, we don’t do sport here. Where’s the airconditioning? Where can i get some bubble tea? My feet hurt, I need to sit down in McDonalds for seven hours.

this is a fantastic match.

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