Venue Partner Needed for TPT4

Taiwan Poker Tour is seeking a venue partner for its fourth season in Taipei (Season 4: Happiness).

About TPT: Taiwan Poker Tour is Asia’s largest, coolest FREE poker tour. TPT brings people across cultures together around the game of Texas Hold’em poker. The league is much more about fun and making friends than it is about serious poker play. The league is free for all players at all times and no gambling of any form is ever permitted. TPT is sponsored by the largest poker company in the world, PokerStars, among other sponsors. TPT receives coverage in Taiwan lifestyle magazines, Taiwan lifestyle websites and has grown substantially each season.

What TPT Offers:
TPT offers venues substantial traffic on nights that are not typically revenue generators in the restaurant / bar industry. On average, TPT will bring ~60-100 fun-having foreign and Taiwan players to a venue each event. Our events start at 8:00 p.m. and typically conclude around 12:30 a.m. Our players drink, eat, have a good time, are respectful, and have a strong history of patroning venue partners on weekends and other days. The TPT venue, in general, becomes a “hang out” for our players even when our events do not run. In addition, our venue is displayed prominently on our well trafficked website, with directions, and the venue is further highlighted on as each TPT event is prominently advertised on the site.

What we Look For in a Venue: First and foremost, the venue must be able to accommodate 70-100 people. We provide felt, chips, and other materials and can transform most spaces as necessary, but the venue needs sufficient chairs and tables to accommodate players. The venue must serve alcohol, and serving food is encouraged as many players eat dinner at TPT events. A central or easy to access location (near an MRT stop, e.g.) is preferred. Lastly, a friendly staff with a helpful attitude is appreciated.
Arrangements with venue partners can be made in several ways. Payment per player is most common, but we have also worked with revenue sharing agreements previously.
Our prior venue partners, On Tap and Tone 56 Music Bar, are near and dear to TPT. Unfortunately, we are growing quickly and in need of additional space. If your venue is interested in partnering with TPT and driving traffic to your eatery or pub, please contact Rich and/or Mike at

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