Verification of University Degrees Required for English Teac

A South African friend was recently advised by his school that he’d have to get his University degree verified by the Authorities concerned in order to teach English in Taiwan.

I was surprised as I’d read, on this website, I think, that the Dept. of Education didn’t require Degrees to be accredited for English teachers.

I’ve also heard that all nationalities will have to do this- mere hearsay? So far, that’s all it is, to me.

I have some concern now, because my degree comes from a distance-learning University, and the concept of distance learning is perhaps still somewhat new, although I’ve also taken several Microsoft exams this way, and it’s a fine way to learn. But as to whether it’s accepted here in Taiwan, I don’t know, and I’m sure I don’t make the rules!! . So, if there’s anyone out there who knows something for sure, please post what you know, and thanks in advance!

Their are different rules for different counties, but sorry to say South Aficans have now been asked to have their degrees notorized in South Africa by their supreme court and then taken to the Taipei Liaisons Office in SA to be stamped.

I do not know for sure (correct me, anybody if I’m wrong) but I think in order to get an ARC, you must have a university degree. In order to prove this, you must give the Ministry of Education a copy of your diploma (I’m not sure if YOU have to get it translated or if they do it). I am from Canada (my co-workers are from the US) and we all had to bring our diplomas. (They brought photocopies, but I brought the REAL THING)

My current company has agreed to apply for a work permit for me. I understand that I have to provide a copy of my college diploma. However, I am now here in Taiwan with no possible way to obtain a nother original or photo copy of the original. My school said they could not provided me with a photo copy either (they don’t keep this on file or anything). They did send me a letter from the registrar’s office, varifying my date of graduation. This letter bares the school’s official seal.

Does anyone know if this is acceptable here in Taipei? Or where I could go to find out if it is acceptable?

My university sent me a properly autohrised academic record, which included quite clearly what degrees I had received. This wasn’t enough. I had to get someone at home to go looking through my boxes. They faxed a copy which was OK. Hassle. Your university must be able to provide a new degree certificate for you though. Unless they’re a really shoddy school this is vital otherwise how do you get a new degree certificate if you lose your original?

Hey it seems weird that they wouldn’t accept my colourful, academic record with seal and everything, but they accepted a photocopy of my certificate. Just theoretically here, , wouldn’t it be real easy (with a little tipex and a typewriter) to make a fakie?



I have to say, the type writter idea has crossed my mind, but don’t know I want to risk it. I may have to ask friends to go digging.

Thanks so much for your help!!