Very interesting/unique places to see in Northern Taiwan?

A family member is visiting soon but just atopping by for a few days on a connecting flight. She has been here many times and we have travelled extensively together here. This time, instead of the usual scenic sites, we are planning to see interestinf city places in Taoyuan through Taipei. Yilan is convenient enough as well but will not have a scooter or car.

Really quirky, tacky, freaky or just wierd stuff in Taiwan would be awesome. Not ao.much the scenic views, hikes, hotaprings etc.

Anyone have suggestions? Museums and that can be fun, but seen the main ones. Though if there was a stinky tofu museum, or fake civet ahit coffee museum these are the things we are searching :slight_smile:

We will likely go to Daxi old street the firat night from airport hen on to taipei.

The north coast we have covered a few times already including the gold.mine, nuke plant, jiufen, wild hotspring etc. So probably wont go up that way.

:roll: over there? >>>

And the UFO houses, Ju Ming Museum, Teresa Tang grave, beach…


I second these suggestions. Here are some photos from my trips there and their locations:

UFO houses (location):

Jin Bao Shan cemetery/art park, where Teresa Teng’s grave is (location):

The Ju Ming Museum is right there not far from the cemetery.


Ju Ming Museum is pretty great…not all that weird though. While in the area you could stop here to see the big dog:

Temple of the Eighteen Lords
253, New Taipei City, Shimen District, 茂林村坪林52號
02 2638 2453

Whoops, both already mentioned…


Don’t stay in the hotel next to the UFO houses. It’s bloody awful.

Every time I’ve visited the UFO houses I’ve wondered about that hotel, couldn’t figure out if it was abandoned as well. It gave me the creeps much more than the UFO houses.

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I second the Shibawanggong Temple.

Awesome thanks!

For some reason i thought i read the ufo place was gone now. Glad to hear otherwiae, i havent been there either but always wanted to go.

Didnt even know about the other places, they look great!

What about the geopark near keelung?
Or bat cave and waterfall southwest of tpe

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I think they tore down the Sanzhi one.

Great places for sure. But have already taken here there before. The natural type area we have done extensively. But i hate citiea so we have avoided such in the past. This trip she is just visiting a couple days so a perfect chance to see the wierd and wonderful inside the concrete jungles.

Just arrived in the noethlands of formosa and started planning our routes for the next couple days.

Seems i didnt do my homework as i thought ufo houses were in taipei. Just to double check before we get a taxi out there, is this the right place?

Yes, it is. 100% sure. I’ve been there very recently.

Futuro House
Tingtao Road, Wanli District, New Taipei City, 207

Taxi might be possible, not very convenient. Renting a scooter, or taking taxi or bus from keelung city (reachable by TRA train) might be worth checking out as alternative.

Or, if you’re up there already, go also check out the Yeliu Geopark, or the diving show in the ocean world thingy next to it.


Someone moved a UFO house right to central Taipei. It’s been there for quite a few years.


Saves us the trip

I tried, but cant figure out the location of that. Do you happen to know where it is? Would like to see that one too after we see the “communal ufo village” :slight_smile:

Can you click on the picture which leads to Google maps? That’s Carnegie’s down at the corner.

Here’s a link.
Taipei City, Da’an District, 義安里

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Perfect. Got it this time, thanks!