Vets open/ available in emergency over CNY

Having discovered that Tai Da animal hospital is closed for new year- and strangely have left no alternative number/contact for emergencies I thought it might be an idea if people checked with their vets about their availability for new year and posted times/contact numbers here of vets who will accept emergencies over CNY - just in case-
here’s hoping no-one needs them!

Yang Min Vet in Tienmu East Road, No. 1-6 will be open everyday during CNY from 10am to 12noon. Phone 28726911.

Dr Simon Kuo in Chung Shan North Road, Sec 6, No, 314 also told me tonight that I should just phone him during CNY if he is closed and he will open for emergencies. His phone number is 28315677 or 28383448.