Vibo 3G prepaid

Hi, I recently got a VIBO 3G sim card for my windows mobile smartphone. The main purpose is to access the internet. But i cant seem to get it to work. It will make calls and video calls, but to access the internet, you need to buy a pass. When i buy a pass, my phone says it can not connect to the modem. Does anyone know what the correct settings are, ie user name, password, and modem number? Vibo’s customer care did not prove to be very helpful in English.


Found this on Vibo’s website… does this help any?

Internet Access -,.html
By taking the advantage of VIBO handset or data card, user can enjoy surfing Internet with broadband data rate up to 384 Kbps (WCDMA).

◎How to get the service

  1. Dial 747 from your cell phone, and follow the voice prompts to activate the service.
  2. 1 day Pass, 3 day Pass and 5 day Pass service plans are offered. Costs incurred for using the service after the request for service has been successfully processed will be immediately and automatically deducted from the prepaid amount. The service will be valid for the duration purchased.
  3. Once purchased, no refund is possible.

◎How to use the service

  1. Consult the user’s manual for your 3G handset or data card if you’re using a software provided by the hardware vendor for making the connection
  2. Setting
    R APN :viboone (note the lowercase)
    R account、password:needless
    R GPRS dial number : *99#

Also, if this doesn’t work, you can try and go to a Vibo store for assistance. That might be quicker.

Thanks, I followed these steps with the same results. There might be a problem with my windows software… If i type the password, and select to save it, then go back to check the settings, the password is different. I dont know what it is, since it only displays the characters as black dots, but I can see there are about 15 dots, more than the 8 for ‘needless’. This is driving me nuts.

I don’t think the password has changed, it’s a matter of just blanking the field out so people can’t guess the password, that’s pretty normal in a lot of applications.
Some more details of your setup would help in solving the problem.
Are you trying to use the phone with a computer, or just getting online with the handset?
If you’re just trying to get online with the handset, go to settings, connections, connections, select add a new modem connection, type in Vibo as name and make sure you select the right connection type, in this case something like cellular line 3G/GPRS, hit next, type in viboone, next, the user name field should be blank, password field should be left blank too, domain blank, finish. You shouldn’t have to type in any number or anything, as Windows Mobile devices doesn’t have that option. Then make sure you select this as your default connection, as you might have other connections in your list.

This is a long shot, but could needless be referring to not actually needing a password?

Yeah, that’s what I just found here … ic&topic=4
Nedless = no password… :roflmao:
No confusion at all there then, thanks Vibo for having such clear instructions in simple Engrish

Thanks for all the replies, but no luck. I have left the username and passwords fields blank, changed the access point to viboone. When I try to connect, the error message reads: “The answering modem has disconnected, check settings blah blah blah.” [I did pay for another one day pass…] Will getting the Chung-Hua 3G card be the same hassles?

Ok, in this case my guess is that there’s something wonky with your handset. What device do you have?
Back your handset up and then do a hard reset, as this seems to be the only way to fix Windows Mobile issues properly.
Try using something like this … -v2-8.html for the backup.
I’ve had similar problems in the past and the only way I could fix it was with a hard reset.
It’s obviously not the settings that are wrong so…
Also, it might be worth having a look for a software update of your device, but as you didn’t say what it is, I can’t tell you if there is one or not.

I am using a dopod 818 pro- if i remember correctly… It has been a couple of years since i bought it… I will try a hard reset. Thanks for the help.

If the reset doesn’t work, then I suggest you have a look here … TC_Prophet
But the 818 Pro isn’t a 3G device…

I am embarrassed to say this, but I have no idea what phone I have - Definitely a dopod with HTC firmware [when I installed an English ROM], and definitely a 3G…

Have a look behind the battery, should be a sticker there that tells you what it is.

Got ya! Dopod CHT 9100. Will look for updates and do a hard reset. Thanks for the help!

Right, that’s be this one then … TC_Trinity
You should be able to get a ROM upgrade from Dopod if you register with them or possibly from the site above.