VIBO monthly plan $300/unlimited in calling - NO GUARANTOR!

Hey folks. Just thought some of you might be interested in this… I just found out it’s possible to get a VIBO (威寶) monthly plan without a guarantor. It’s the standard $300/month, unlimited in-network calls and $0.07/sec out of network. First 2 minutes of a video call are free. Just bring your own 3G phone.

You have to go through a second company called Manpower (you can find a location on, they’re a job placement agency for foreign blue collar workers. They have a deal worked out with VIBO that (I think) they are the guarantor on all accounts, and then you pay a deposit to Manpower (around $1500NT) - since VIBO doesn’t offer this service itself it makes sense that some other company has taken it up.

Oh the best parts: no contract, you can cancel any time, and you can add 500MB data for $399 or unlimited data for $750.

Anyway if you’re interested just stop in to a Manpower location and ask - they should speak English. If you can’t figure it out let me know I’ll see if I can help.

Wow. That is great news for mobile office folks like me. Thanks.

Does anyone have an idea about how good/bad VIBO’s coverage is in rural areas? Years ago, I switched to Chunghwa_Telecom because they were really good in the countryside while all the others sucked except in the city. I’m not sure if that’s true anymore, but I’d like to hear from people who have put VIBO/FarEasTone/Taiwan_Mobile to the test in the boondocks in recent times.

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I have been using Vibo for over two years now and quite happy with their coverage in city areas but have found that in areas such as Ilan, that the coverage can be a bit poor.

I guess you would need to check with them on how coverage is in your area.

Also the NT$300 unlimited calling is a great deal but remember that it is for Vibo to Vibo subs, so once you get your family signed up, those bills should come down pretty fast.

Now, I just wish they would add an unlimited texting package, then I would be set!!

Hi greves

Thank you for posting this amazing piece of information!

I am looking to transfer from a pre-paid phone to a contract option. I don’t need THAT many free minutes, though, and send a fair number of text (my guess would be about 200 max a month).

Do you know how much they charge for texting?

Also, I’m not sure how many foreigners use VIBO, and most of my friends are foreign. I think FarEast is kind of common with foreigners, isn’t it?

Can you purchase a phone at their place? I would like a camera phone with a minimum of 5MP.