Victory Cruisers:

I spent an interesting hour cruising around North Eastern Mississippi on a 1500cc Victory cruiser.

I’m not a cruiser guy…I like power, suspension, handling etc…

Well, just wanted to put in, that at 110bhp, this thing would blow the pipes off a Harley…It was actually kind of fun; actually, it was shit-eatin grin fun :sunglasses:

The south is turning out to be much different than I’d remembered :bravo:

Pics or it didn’t happen.

did you tow a boat?

And ya didn’t have to lean over the darn thing with yer butt up in the air like some monkey…didja?

Glad to see yer ridin’ a real motorcycle.

I could have…It’s a torquey bastard. Now imagine this:

Gentle winding perfect pavement, spanish moss on the trees, as green as Taiwan, the Nachez perce trail road winds through the south for 300miles from wherever to Nashville. It was surprisingly beautiful country in a sort of “really rustic way”. I saw a house that looked like something out of the “Color Purple”, a rickety thing, barely standing, no electricity, but still had a perfectly manicured front lawn (better than any golf course in Taiwan, they should come down and learn from Mississippi’s poor how to keep grass). I really enjoyed the ride, the genre of bike fitting perfectly to the non threatening, ape bar, almost V-8 sound emenating from the pipes.

Guess you just had to be there… :sunglasses:

Could have if he’d wanted to. They’re big beasts. The Hammer gives me a bit of a stiffy.

i could be tempted. it IS a V-twin, after all.

my riding habits have definitely mellowed over here. safer that way.

anyway, I’m jealous, MJB. sounds like a great holiday.

It gets worse. The bastard’s supposed to be working.

It was this one.

This was suppose to be my bike when I was old enough to drive it, but my Father sold it to buy ram air and the hood for his '99 Trans Am.

This is where my dream went: