Video of Anti-Japanese movement in China

Here is a video of an Anti-Japanese movement in China: … 50&q=china

Although apparently it was a bad mistake to try to burn a Japanese flag, as you watch them struggle over 2 minutes to light the thing. It just kept going out.

Its just interesting to watch demonstrations in a country where for the large part, demonstrations are mostly forbidden.

Of course its not as funny as this: … 4230&q=kmt
Or finding out that the mightly Long March is susceptable to gusts of wind. … 47&q=china

Here is a funny video of a former Yakuza turned minister: … 80&q=Japan

Apparently he had enough of the underworld lifestyle and found God.

This is funnier: … 56&q=Japan

Fuzzy Japanese mascots being funny. … 88&q=Japan
A Japanese comedian acting Gay to scare the locals.

This one is the best: … 7&q=taiwan
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