Video of man touring THE PLANET on a sports bike

Original title: Who says Taiwans roads are too bad for sports bikes?

I’ve heard a few people say they wouldn’t want a big bike here due to the roads…and a sports bike would be last on their list. Well the guy in this video takes a 600cc sports bike…with some extra luggage space on the back…and does the planet. This is a highlight vid…not really sure if this looks fun to me or not. … _World.wmv

I think most who say this usually are talking about the cities, and not for long distance riding. I wouldn’t want to drive a big bike through the streets in a major city in Taiwan, but the mountians are ideal for riding! I heard you can’t take a big bike onto the highway, that would be a good place to ride too.

Personally, I think it would be great to have a big bike here for weekend get-aways. You could do so much with them in the mountians and on the East coast. I’ll probally be picking up one in the future just for that.