Video Shoot & Party

there is a video shoot and party down in Ximen ding tonight. They are filming a party scene and need some Caucasian bodies to fill out the scene.
here is the event page It’s right in front of exit 1 of the MRT at a club called XANADU Taipei. Come one come all get your swank on. Come down drink be merry act a fool and get it put to tape. Video shoot starts at 8 Djs and party at 11 If you feel the need to drink too much and act like a glorious asshole this is the place for you !!!
[googlemaps]25.04222, 121.50716[/googlemaps]

Here is a pic of the location standing at the top of the stairs from XImen MRT station exit one you can’t possibly miss it!!!

And a write up about the event and VIDEO SHOOT FROM Fridays’ Taipei Times newspaper…

“I hope they offer a work permit”

“Why only Caucasians?”

nowhere does it say only Caucasians ? :s it clearly says " some Caucasian bodies to fill out the scene" SOME…

why would they need or offer a work permit? did you bother to read the newspaper article or are you just having a bad day? Way to take a miserable shit on what looks to be a fun event :discodance: