Video taken inside Taiwan pound

I did a google for “Taiwan Dog” I wanted to see how Tu Gou was spelt…I also found some other links…

Like this video taken in Taiwan…not sure if this is a repost.

It’s fairly disturbing…starts off with a dog eating another dog…which isn’t too bad. Then later you see a dog beginning to eat another dog…and it’s much worse to watch because you realize the dog being eaten is still alive and trying pittifully to protect itself. … speed=_med <— Warning Graphic and Disturbing


The Taiwanese are sick bastards. Racist but true.

The Taiwanese who allow this to happen are sick bastards. However, many taiwanese do care deeply for animals and are just as horrified at this stuff as you and I.

Let’s not forget what some sick bastards in the USA and other places do with fighting dogs. Surely we would not say that all Americans and other western people are sick bastards, would we?

Oh my Buddha that was horrible. :noway: :fume:

I think that may be a few years old. The government promised to take steps several years ago to insure it wouldn’t happen again… we all know what they actually did…

That’s the worse one I’ve seen so far…Truly disturbing…It’s like chipping away at you to watch that…


A graphic warning needs to be put up on that link.

Disgusting…And very sad.

I don’t agree with that at all. City and country will have different standards and different countries will also have different standards.

People in 100 years might look on our western culture with absolute disgust because we killed animals for meat and kept pets locked up in houses or on chains.

Thanks for the warning btw. I’ve not looked at the video. Ever since I saw the guy getting his head sawed off I’ve been very careful not to click too many windows open.

Touchy subject. I agree that western culture treats animals that are bred for consumption in ways that are questionable but so does Taiwan, China, etc. What we do not do however is let the animals we breed starve to the point where they begin eating each other alive. Never mind stray pets.

Find me links that shows American strays eating each other in a shelter and I’ll agree with you. I think that comparing mass production of animals we eat with stray cats and dogs is a little too PC for my taste.

If anything like that happened in Canada for example, that’s all you would hear about on the news for weeks. People involved would be charged with criminal charges and the shelter would be shut down or restored to a more humain level within one day. People from all over the place would voice their anger and something would be done about it quickly. Here, people ignore the problem. The word “sick” and “bastards” seems perfectly applicable to me. [quote]I don’t agree with that at all. City and country will have different standards and different countries will also have different standards. [/quote]Exactly, who sets the standards? The general population. If enough people cared, it would stop. I mean c’mon! Over 20 million people on an Island that is roughly 700km in lenght covered with state of the art technology, luxurious SUV’s and you have pets eating each other.

“And that’s all I have to say about that.”



“And that’s all I have to say about that.” [/quote]



“And that’s all I have to say about that.” [/quote]


No, it’s the life is like a box of chocolates guy.

Slingblade guy said “uhhmm” .

I believe there are many people in Taiwan who do care about animals, so i think it is unfair to sling everyone into the same basket, but i also agree with Bobepine that there are so many people on this island and if enough of them cared something more drastic would be done.

However, i don’t think it is anyone’s place to be name calling, all that energy can be put into doing something about the situation in Taiwan, no matter how small it is. Education a very good way to go. As many of the foriegners here are teachers they could dedicate a few hours a month to educate, show and help the studnets understand that this is the wrong way to do things. They are our and Taiwan’s future after all.

We can all make a change, but we have to do it in a positive way, and although namecalling makes us feel better, it doesn’t help the situation at all, it just get’s people’s backs up and causes more of a barrier.

Google “Quebec puppy mill”. The attitude of live and let die is everywhere.

Google “Quebec puppy mill”. The attitude of live and let die is everywhere.[/quote]

Yeah, but the french don’t count as Canadian. They want to seperate, remember?
Friend of mine went to the hospital in Quebec…when they asked for I.D. he gave them his military card. They said that it was no good there. He said it was good “anywhere in Canada.”, the receptionist replied “This isn’t Canada. It’s Quebec.”

In Taiwan I complain about the police…back home I complained about the french.

No flames please…I was good friends with Pierre in Chung-Li…and he still phones me from Canada. I hate the french as a whole…not the individuals.

<edit: just found this…

A Quebec teenager wanted to make a bit of extra money breeding and selling Rotweilers.

BARNOTI: "He had put them in a parrot’s cage, made out of metal, without thinking that they would outgrow the door. When we were called, we came and the dogs were completely atrophied inside it

Mordeth that comment was completely unnecessary. I have a lot of friends from Quebec and while I have met many jerks from there I have met more morons from my home country while traveling and they weren’t from quebec. I believe the point of the other posts was that there are idiotic people who get ahold of dogs no matter where you go and that not all Taiwanese people treat animals like crap just like not all North Americans treat animals like gold, not a comment on how people in Quebec treat animals

People start hating certain groups, countries, music, because of what happened to them personally. It really doesn’t make people change their minds when you list all the nice things that you yourself have experienced.

You will find many many posts around here complaining about Taiwan this, or Taiwan that. If I complain about the french suddenly I’m the bad guy? I don’t need to have personal experiences with them to get a bad opinion of them. All I need to do is read the newspaper where it talks about people getting spit on for speaking English. And stores having their windows broken because they have an English sign. People being refused treatment in a Quebec hospital because they don’t accept “Canadian I.D.” only “Quebec I.D.”…etc…etc.

I, just like another poster in this thread…just could not believe that a Canadian could treat animals as horribly as the video above. Someone else stated they do in Quebec. To which I’m replying…I wouldn’t consider them to be your average Canadian. And neither do they.

There a difference between a thick teenager in Canada and the Taiwanese Government who should know better paying for this state-sponsored torture. Canada does not have a reputation for animal cruelty, but Taiwan does.

Does the fact that something happened somewhere else lessen what happened here ?

Big Fluffy Matthew, I am not arguing that point, and mordeth, your not the only person I’ve written to on this about people bashing and I know there is some truth to some of whats being said, but from what I have seen people on this website sometimes say some incredibly insensitive things that generalize a culture or place and thats not what this site is for. I respect the hell out of what most people who post here have done and am amazed by the influence foreigners are having on the local populations outlook on how animals are treated, but trashing someone else or generalizing a group based on the behaviour of some is not fair to anyone. By all means call out the groups (especially governments) that are not doing their job or are responsible for abusing animals, but quit insulting everyone based on their actions. If it wasn’t for a number of my animal loving Taiwanese friends I don’t know how I would have managed with my rescues. My friends who didn’t understand why I was doing it later became much more fond of animals. Most people out there aren’t A$$ holes on purpose, they just need some help seeing things from the animals perspective. And BFM, Canada might do something about animals cruelty and is fairly good about how animals are treated, but I have seen enough crap to know that we still have a fair ways to go, many of our shelters are still full of unwanted stray dogs and cats that will never find a home. Action needs to take place everywhere with the realization that most countries still have a way to go before we see a world where animals are treated with enough respect and rights, and one idiot boy in Quebec doesn’t make all people from quebec dip shits

I, sincerely, do not understand how in this thread dedicated to our love for animals and where we should all stand up together against cruelty on animals, there can be, here also, some bashing.
Idiots are everywhere (France, Quebec, Taiwan, USA yes even USA you find puppy mills dogs fights, bad owners etc).

This can only stop if we keep focused on the right target that is to make abuse stop anywhere in this world.
You, as foreigners in Taiwan do a good job by showing example and educate people to love their animals. It will take its time but changes will be obseved among the future generation.

And by the way, not sure Quebec citizens would be pleased to know they are french; Quebec is Quebec.
:wink: (love them with their nice old french accent)