Video Transfer to HTC

My family sent me a flashdrive with several hours of various videos from Christmas, birthdays, etc. I would like to put at least some on my HTC one+. Should I put it on DCMI and access through gallery? or???

Can’t you simply hook both your flash drive and HTC to a computer, then drag and drop the files from one to the other?

1 - Plug your HTC
2 - Find a folder where you want to put the photos (Media, Videos… whatever) or create a new one (Awesome_Family_Videos), and leave that window open.
3 - Plug the flashdrive into the computer, and open ANOTHER window for its folder.
4 - Locate the videos on the flashdrive
5 - Select the videos on the flashdrive that you want to copy (Hold Ctrl + Left mouse Click to select random videos)
6 - Right click -> Copy (or use Ctrl+C instead)
7 - Go to the destination folder into your phone (you should have left the window open in step 2)
8 - right-click on that window background -> Paste (or hit Ctrl+V instead)
9 - Yay!


You might need to convert if it is mov format.


Steps for a convert-free future:

1 - Go to Google Play
2 - Search for VLC Player (Beta) … neon&hl=en
3 - Install it (ignoring the apocalyptic warnings that say it might kill your cat because it’s a beta)
4 - Enjoy ANY kind of video or audio format. It also streams from media servers or the internet.

Thanks! VLC works like a charm. I downloaded some clips and put them under “movies” in my HTC memory. I got VLC from Google Play, dragged and dropped clips from computer to HTC Movies. No dramas. Just activate VLC on your phone and refresh. Now MRT will be enjoyable.

Well, the Gallery app in Sense 5/5.5 plays many of the most common formats and it’s quite good, but I still prefer VLC, even if the program icon is totally fugly. Works really well, reads EVERY format out there, and you can add subtitle files without needing to rename them to match the video.