Vids Free to Any Kind of Home

I have the following videos up for grabs to anyone who wants them.
Only problem is, they’re PAL.

  1. French & Saunders: Best of Series 4
  2. Brassed Off + Rita, Sue and Bob Too
  3. Fever Pitch
  4. Withnail & I
  5. Derek Jarman’s The Last of England
  6. Mike Leigh’s Abigail’s Party

Withnail and I is mine.

I’ll have anything that’s left over (double bagsies with knobs on for French+Saunders and Brassed Off), I have boxes of the things piled ceiling high in Chia-Yi (where else would I keep them ?) if you want to swap

I guess I should have made myself clear – they’re videos, as in VHS. You know, those old-fashioned tape thingies.

Wo je da.

I’ll figure something out for W&I.

Thanks Matthew, but the reason I’m getting rid is because I have no VHS player. I’m not about to drive all the way to Chiai with 'em, though, so I guess I’ll just hold on to them till you get up to Taipei, or maybe they could form the core of a revolving Forumosa video pool? Anyone with the facilities to transfer 'em into a format I could actually watch would be most welcome and would of course be remunerated for their toils.

I am in Taipei, my vids are in Chia-Yi. My DTS decoder should be making it’s way up this weekend, Wooo Wooo!!! Speakers might have to stay there for a bit longer though, Boooo Hiss !

I’ll have Ab’s Party too Sandman, if that’s alright.


Damn. Four minutes.
Sorry, the rest of you. Alleycat & Matthew were the early birds.