Viet Hong Lang - 2 locations: Fuxing N Rd; Zhongshan Sec. 5

We ate here the other day and the food and service were great! My 1.5 year old can’t sit down in his chair for a meal for longer than 15 minutes, but we actually waited for him to finish his lunch. It’s clean, modern, prices are good, and portions reasonable. My MIL is gluten-free so this was a great choice. I was very surprised at how good the food was (as authentic as anything I’ve had in Vancouver and SF!) They have a big display of French bread by the front, so you can’t miss this place.

We ordered pho, sandwiches, summer rolls, spring rolls, shrimp toast (my gosh, the kids devoured them), sugar cane prawns. Everything was delicious, no joke. High chairs and children’s tableware available. Friendly staff.

Their unupdated website is There are two locations:
-305 Fuxing North Road/Minsheng East Road 02.2718.0596-7
-604 Zhongshan North Road Sec. 5/Zhongzheng Rd 02.2836.1256-7 Next to McDonald’s

Thanks, I will check it out with our own 1.7 year old ball of energy, and will report here accordingly. Was about to walk in the other day but wife really wanted chicken wings from My Other Place next door.

Okay, went there on Sunday with the wife and kid. We ordered the Vietnamese sandwich, the chef’s special Beef pho, deep fried spring rolls, and drinks. The service was attentive and spot-on, with water and children’s tableware coming immediately. They are also prompt with bringing out food and noticing if you plan to eat separately or share dishes, in which case they will ask if you would like extra bowls and plates. The food itself is very good, as mentioned above. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and the food, as mentioned by the OP, is comparably authentic. Many often ask what makes people from California seem entitled to comment on the quality of food from Mexico and Viet Nam, and I can say that California has very sizable populations of both ethnicities spanning several generations, along with the accompanying eateries that are opened by natives of their respective countries (just like I would trust most Brits with their evaluation of Indian food, but I digress). The egg rolls are crispy but not greasy, and with a clean flavor, not too salty or overly spiced. My 1.7 year old daughter loved them. The Pho had the best tasting tripe I’ve eaten in Taiwan. Very clean flavor (no gaminess) with a crisp bite but tender. Other tripe tends to be overly chewy. The sandwich had nice crusty French bread, but the fillings were average at best. The pate (I mean the liver spread, Forumosa is going to auto-change it to “Bade” for some reason and I’m not talking about the street here) was also spread unevenly, making some bites very dry. They are also a bit stingy with condiments. The hot sauce comes in a small dish, rather than the traditional squeeze bottles on the tables of other Vietnamese restaurants. The fish sauce/vinegar based dipping sauce was also too meager for both the egg rolls and the sandwich. I’m sure they would have brought more upon request, but it’s a stingy impression that first gets portrayed. The price from an overall perspective is cheap, but from a relative perspective, leans more on the expensive side at NT$190 for a bowl of Pho. For comparison, Pho Hoa on Tun Hwa S. Road Lane 190 (behind Chung Hsiao) costs NT$150/170 for small bowl/big bowl of the same Chef’s special. The Vietnamese place between Carnegies and the Diner is NT$180-220 for the Chef’s special. For both places, the portions, even the small, are a lot bigger. This place, the portion can be considered a petit small; in fact I wasn’t quite full after my meal. Would I go back? Yes, the food is good and the tripe reeled me in. And although it’s not the cheapest Pho place out there, the prices aren’t unreasonable. I’d just make sure I’d be going to satisfy my craving for good Pho, and not my hunger.