We just returned from a destination resort in Vietnam called Pilgrimage Village. It was absolutely perfect, and it didn’t hurt that we stayed in a house with a private pool. We wanted to go someplace out of the way, so we went to this resort near Hue (right smack dab in the middle of Vietnam, if something so long and squiggly can be said to have a middle). When we went out, we saw all kinds of tombs, pagodas, city life, etc. We even hired local scooters and drove in traffic; even Taiwan can’t prepare a person for that! It was wonderful, and we want to go again; we missed My Son (UNESCO Site) and the caves nearby in Hoi An. Fabulous trip overall and the people were wonderfully hospitable and welcoming!

I’d like to suggest making a sticky folder in “Travel” with different international destinations (Country/region/city), as well as Taiwanese destinations, just to simplify searching etc. Just an idea. Mods? Thoughts?