Vietnamese Food

I’ve been to two local Vietnamese restaurants, in Chiayi, and enjoyed the food. However both places have involved a poor Vietnamese mail-order bride working her ass off while her Taiwanese hubbie sits around drinking with his inbred relatives and friends.

all i want is a nice bowl of pho where the thinly sliced beef is placed on the noodles RAW before serving. this pre-cooking the beef thing really kills it for me. some nice sriracha sauce instead of the usual taiwanese sweet stuff would be nice, too. will keep trying some of the stuff mentioned in this thread, but so far i’ve been dissapointed with the couple i’ve tried. :frowning:

Did you try the one I mentioned. Has the best broth of any I have tried, but they do not use raw beef (They don’t always use raw beef in Vietnam either). However, the beef is tender and the sauce they use is not the normal stuff. Anyway, the chef is Vietnamese not Taiwanese.

You can’t swing a thinly sliced marinated cat without hitting a pho joint in this town… :smiley: