Vietnamese students -What are they like?

Have you studied Chinese with students from Vietnam? Are they outgoing?Shy?Friendly?Easy to make friends with?
Please share your experiences!

I have only studied with one Vietnamese student, that was at Chinese Culture University a couple of years ago.

I was in a class of 6 including one Vietnamese girl. She was quite shy and reserved at first but once we got to know her she was friendly. She was very softly spoken so we had to keep saying ‘qinq da sheng’.

I met a lot of Vietnamese while studying Chinese and the only things they all had in common were:

  1. They speak Vietnamese well
  2. They come from Vietnam

Some are outgoing, some are shy.
Some are friendly, some are not.
Some are looking for friends, some are loners.

Depends on the individual. But try to make friends with them all and you are sure to find a few who outgoing, friendly and looking for new friends.

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