View posts since last visit

Hi Gus,
Is the above feature working properly? Seems to give a random number each time I log on – 13 new posts this am, for example, although there was only one post I hadn’t read.

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for noting the glitch. Back at ORIENTED, we had a seperate discussion board so the team could go over issues online.

Here at segue, I’ve created a “hidden” forum, only visible to the moderators. The post count you are referring to is probably counting those hidden posts.

This software has been so good at distinguishing “behind the scenes” information from public information that I’m a little surprised the “Post count since last visit” link seems to have missed it

When you click on it, you only see the one public link?

That’s right – “View last post” tells me there are 13 new posts, but when I click on it, the 12 mod forum posts are not listed and I see only the one in the public forum.

Thanks for clearing that up, but I think it would be more useful if the hidden forum posts were not indicated to us plebian types. Maybe I should just become a moderator…

Yeah, Sandy…
You could moderate the ‘Taiwan Curmudgeon’ forum.

Does the “recycle bin” need a moderator?