Viewing Chinese Characters on Forumosa

How do I view Chinese characters here on Forumosa?
I am running XP Pro and IE 6

install Chinese language support and everything should be fine

check following page to see how to do it

if not, change the encoding, right click and pick Traditional Chinese Big5 or UTF-8.

Seba, thanks! The right click view encoding works fine!

Does anybody know how to do chinese INPUT using a chinese keyboard with English XP installed then? :?:

I believe it’s ZhuYin input using the standard taiwanese keyboards they sell here… i know it can be easily done if you have Chinese windows installed but I’m using the english version… changing the settings from US keyboard to chinese keyboard doesn’t seem to do. :!:


Gener, it’s pretty easy once you get the settings right. You can type zhuyin, Hanyu Pinyin, Changjie or whatever (my wife uses Boshiamy).

Follow my directions here:


thanks Bu, i Googled ‘Microsoft New Phonetic IME 2002a’ and found out how to turn it on… no need to d/l it, appearantly comes standard with XP