Viewsonic Viewpad 7 Data Plan

Hey guys

I picked up a Viewsonic ViewPad 7 a week ago in Kaohsiung, it is pretty sweet when it comes to reading magazines, newspapers and comic books but I am looking to purchase a data plan for it, any ideas? I did a bit of searching and online some people have mentioned that you can get a prepaid 3G data plan with FarEastTone? Is that fiction? I can kind of believe it because I know they do the same thing in Korea and Japan… any ideas on this matter or other suggestions would be much appreciated. A side question, anyone else using a Viewpad 7? Any thoughts?

My Zhonghua data plan is unlimited 3G for NT$810 a month (iPad). Works everywhere I’ve been from Ching Jing to Kenting to Penghu.

I wasn’t even considering Zhonghua, thanks for that tango

Pre paid doesn’t work the same as post paid though, as you only get a certain amount of days and I think the most you can get is 5-7 days of usage at a time. It’s also cheaper getting post paid, although you’d have to go for the full-on package to get unlimited usage while the pre paid options are always unlimited usage. All four 3G networks offer similar deals for similar money.

I will have to look into the exact costs svenska, I was thinking of prepaid because I rarely need to use the internet on my viewpad as it is almost exclusively for magazines/comic books. That being said it is very irritating having to look for a wi-fi hotspot everytime you feel like browsing android market or checking for system updates.

crianp, what do you use as a phone? specifically is it one that you can use to make a hotspot yourself?

Hey Mabalis, I have a really bad cellphone as my girlfriend and I have a couples plan with Asia Telecom for 2 years (No Data) otherwise I would have certainly gone the hotspot route.

one option that might be close to the same cost as getting a data plan is to get a subsidized phone that can do a hotspot along with a plan. also, several carriers have been advertising dedicated MiFis. this is if you would consider at all going postpaid.

all three major carriers have prepaid data setups, but as swede mentioned, it seems most are on a unlimited-for-a-time-period basis. doing data on a per-packet basis with a pre-paid SIM is ridiculously expensive, so avoid that.