When I see a car parked on cross walks I usually walk over their hood. Scuffing my shoes as I go along. And while on the topic I recently saw someone park…PARK their car (SUV) in the middle of the designated motorbike stopping spot at the front of an intersection. DEAD CENTER of the motorbike square, 4 feet from the curb. It was a Benz SUV. I punched off his side mirror as I rode by (setting off his alarm). I later learned that that mirror will cost him about 20,000n.t. to replace. You can call me Batman :smiling_imp: .

Maybe some Benz is going to punch you off your scooter and ride away. :loco:

Yeah, and maybe you’re a pussy who does nothing…just like 99.99% of the people here. Must feel good to be in the majority.

Maybe some Benz is going to punch you off your scooter and ride away. :loco:[/quote]
Anyone see the news slot this weekend about the off-duty cop who got his hand cut off? He was trying to get off the bei er gao at the Toucheng intersection but a car was parked on the sliproad. He got out to see what was going on and maybe help push the car to the side of the road. The car occupants didn’t want his help so they cut his damn hand off.

And knocking off mirrors is really going to solve something. You think you have the right to vandalize other people’s property just because you don’t agree with it? If that was my car I would have taught you a lesson that you don’t **** with people’s cars.

And I suppose if some guy came flying through a red light almost killing you and your girlfriend on the back of your bike. You wouldn’t follow him home at a safe distance and then vadalize his car leaving a note explaining why?

What would you do? Shrug you shoulders and say “There’s nothing I can do.” If you can live with yourself being like that then good for you. It would be eaiser for me too, if I could let people sh*t on me and not mind. Unfortunately I can’t.

Why, no. No I wouldn’t. It seems such a pussified way of doing things. And from what I remember of your blathering, the car in question was merely parked illegally. Not quite the same thing, eh?
I suppose, then, that if that’s your way of dealing with minor infractions, you’d agree that someone who just had the shit scared out of them by your moronic scooter-monkey antics would be perfectly justified in following you and giving you a good clip on the helmet with their bike lock?
Thought not. Arsehole. :unamused:

Mordeth…Ihjave been reading your posts on several threads. There is a commonality in their tone that I believe has been commented upon. I will make another observation.

I am making an assumption that you are a white, anglo-looking male. I also think you mentioned that you are a ‘teacher’ here on Taiwan.


Its a small island bubba. I am not a teacher, but thats the 1st question I am asked by Taiwanese I meet.
Stories of the “crazy white biker maniac” circulate this place very quickly.
Stereotypes are easy for the natives to use in categorizing the ‘foreign devils.’

Just consider that you are not operating in a solo universe.

Be nice, do good deeds. We all benefit.

Yeah, and maybe you’re a pussy who does nothing…just like 99.99% of the people here. Must feel good to be in the majority.[/quote]

It is nonsense to suggest that one should react to an illegal act by doing an illegal act oneself. Actions like this change nothing. Would the person whose car was damaged think twice about parking there again, probably not, and why should they when someone who saw it will tell them that it was some white foreign prick. They’ll just take it out on the next foreigner they see, which probably, unfortunately, won’t be you.

You seem to love calling everyone a pussy Batman, perhaps next time you should punch off the guys mirror and stick around to tell the guy why you did it. Your action makes you exactly what you call others, a pussy. That action doesn’t take any bravery, or anything similar to guts, it’s the act of a coward. The car owner would just see it as a senseless act of mindless vandalism and move on to parking somewhere else illegally. Tell us, Batman, what exactly did you change or improve for the people of Taiwan. Nothing, you just let them see that foreigners do stupid stuff, and that makes you no better than those you apparently despise in bars and clubs, and no, I am not one of those guys either, but I don’t despise them.

One of these days someone is bound to get up close and personal with you and you’ll start bitching about violence in Taiwan, but you know what, you’ll probably deserve it.

You are, if what you type is true, but I suspect it’s trolling, a poor example of the type of westerner in Taiwan. I certainly hope that you work better than you live in your free time.

And Vroom vroom used to be such a quiet place…

Seriously, this has got to stop. Mordeth, you are active on two threads now that have managed to dissolve into shitfights. Coincidence?

I would agree that vandalizing a car after the fact won’t change the mindset of a rich SUV owner here. In fact, I would agree with Bassman on this one and say that the owner wouldn’t put two and two together when assessing his broken rear view. He’d only be on the lookout for a red NSR with a Thai workover. You are pretty visible out there, how many of us do front end wheelstands on the street anyway? Had this guy seen you, you wouldn’t be posting here as they don’t offer an internet terminal in ICU.

Slow down friend. Walk the dog, enjoy your clean living style and save the adrenaline rush on the bike for the mountains where it belongs…

If you really want to get involved, I invite you to volunteer for traffic control duty or be a school crossing guard. Focus that frustration with the system into something positive. Then when the SUV parks illegally, you can jump all over him, and people will thank you for it. I do it everyday.

It’s called being a prick with style… :sunglasses:

I have been reading this for 2 days and decided to jump in the ring, ahem, forum of discussion.

Moredeth, I can’t blame you for having a bit of fun. Seems to me that nobody is getting hurt in the process but people keep bashing you on the fact. They don’t really know unless they are there. I for one do ride at high speeds and all of my bikes are tricked out. Second… That bike of yours is an NSR SP 150, am I right? If so, I know that all of you folks shoudn’t make fun of that because guaranteed, that so called “toy bike” happens to be litterally one of the fastest possible road bikes in Taiwan. Yes, I know that we can drive bigger engine bikes as of this year, but there arn’t many places that a person can do the high speeds. As far as taking corners on mountain roads and traffic handling, none of your other bikes really compare. Especially you Husky, Harley wannabe boys.

I too ride fast and I feel much safer when I travel fast. Call me stupid all you want but I don’t really have any of those so called “close calls”. Being alert and defensive is far safer. I see and expect every possible situation, constantly on alert.

I know many people who have never once been in an accident, some of which are the worst drivers I know. Just because someone is fast, doesn’t nessesarily mean they are dangerous. Just because they do a wheelie, as I sometimes do on occasion, doesn’t make that person insane. Chill out folks.

[quote=“Mordeth”]Most locals don’t know about this situation. I was speaking to a rather well known protestor. Who regularly gathers up people and goes to Taipei to protest about different things. I asked him why is he so concered with the politics in Taipei when the police in his home town are so corrupt and negligent. He said “oh, well only some of the police are bad…maybe 50%.” Those of us with some common sense know this figure to closer to 95-99%.
When I taught at David’s English Center my adult students would more often than not claim ignorance when told their police force was corrupt.
My protestor friend did say that if I gathered some evidence on video he has many friends in News broadcasting that would definitley be interested.
So why don’t we all stop complaining (even though I started it :wink: ) and start shooting the cops! Uh, with cameras that is… :blush: . I’ve thought about taping them in the past myself…maybe someone out there already has some footage? Well, it’s an idea…pressure from the media…especially on a regular basis WOULD do something…like get me deported most likely :astonished: .[/quote]


stop being such a spinner and learn to adjust to your environment.

You have generalized too much about what happens in other countries. Your vigilante attitude makes me think Taiwan is one of your first wee experiences living overseas.
It looks and sounds like you ain’t been here very long, so if you don’t relax and get of your high horse you’re either going to get your head smacked in, and/or you are going to leave this joint and go back home to Canada with an ulcer.
You are not going to make Taiwan a better place by doing what you do (although something tells me half of the shit you’ve said you’ve done is only what you ‘wish’ you’d done…).

If you don’t even drink coffee for health reasons, you must be pretty disturbed by all the pollution going into your lungs as you scream around on your pocket racer - but I guess you are going to start ramming potatoes up car’s exhausts that are a little smokier than yours?

If you want to make a point with a Handycam, then I suggest you sprint off down to the police station with it rolling. The last guy that did that got his head smacked in and left Taiwan soon after - but I guess that wouldn’t happen to you as you are going to change the world, right?

If you don’t adjust soon fella, you will be a sorry heap back in Canada before you know it.

Well, someone named Leo above agreed with me enough to re-post my post. Although the fact that he only has one post could make one think He’s an alternate login of mine. Or maybe my post was the first post he read that moved him enough to write in.

It’s not to do with health reasons that I don’t drink coffee. I eat horribly, burgers 3 meals a day. I just wouldn’t willingly force a physical addiction on myself. “I need coffee to wake me up in the morning.”…yeah, and if you didn’t drink it to begin with…you wouldn’t need it.

The handycam is still a good idea. From a discreet distance. The news shows here are often short on footage to show. And I’m pretty sure that if you put together 5min of multiple police breaking the law shots. Then they would show it sometime during the week when news footage was low. And if many people did this on a regular basis…well you can only imagine.

Or we could not even try and occasionaly bitch about it on here. :s

[quote=“Mordeth”]Well, someone named Leo above agreed with me enough to re-post my post. Although the fact that he only has one post could make one think He’s an alternate login of mine. Or maybe my post was the first post he read that moved him enough to write in.

I think if you take another look at Leo’s post, particularly the title, he was meaning “it’s not a matter of if but when” …you will be deported if you carry on like that.

I believe he was only agreeing with your own self rebuking last sentence, so don’t kid yourself.

Other than all of the rest of the nonsense, I agree that the Police here are crap. If you ride fast, then you WILL end up having to deal with them more, not less…most likely through some other idiot hitting you and blaming you for going too fast.

Gonna have to disagree with you on that one. The only time police hassel me is when I’m not moving. If you re-read my original first post I talk about how the cops hasseled my roommate 3 times in one week. Everyone of those times he was sitting on his scooter…I doubt it was even running at the time. Twice while sitting at red lights the police have bothered me about modifications that I have done to my bikes. If I were blowing past them or running that red light (like others were doing while they were hasseling me) then they would have left me alone.

So no…since I have never in 6 years of riding in Taiwan had a cop bother me while going fast. I’ve been bothered twice while stopped and my roommate has been bothered by cops 3 times in one week while sitting still. I think it’s safe to say that going fast WILL not end up in you dealing with cops more. Having an accident while riding fast would be the exception…but plenty of people have accidents while riding slow as well.

…in 6 years of riding in Taiwan…[/quote]

I find that hard to believe listening to the rest of your dribble.

yeah whatever mate. If you think going fast in a busy Taiwan street is going to make your life less complicated, then go for it.
This coming from the same guy you smacks off people’s wing mirrors for parking errors. I think your logic is all a bit :loco:

OK, but how many DIE? I would have thought 6 years of riding in Taiwan would have taught you to have a finger on the brakes as you go thru intersections, not your head up your arse.

The SUV pulled up to the stop line at a red light…in the middle of the lane…in the middle of the square reserved for motorbikes…got out, set the alarm and went shopping. To call this a parking error is a mild understatement.

It’s more like his way of saying f*** everyone. I’m better than all of you, I’m connected, and I carry a gun. So I’m going to park where my car can be of the absolute most hassel to everyone else just to prove I can and get away with it.

The only way his parking could have been worse would be if he parked in the center of the intersection. And I would suppose in that case you’d still be defending him.

nope, I’d be laughing at some insecure twat smack the mirror of an SUV that he just told me is likely owned by someone that carries a gun.

It is fun to go fast but you gotta think…It’s not a matter of if but when! So what speed you whant to be moving at when it’s your turn to loose the handlebars? :unamused: