Vintage Formosa Photos and Taiwan History Links

If anyone is interested, I now have over 1200 photos of old Taiwan posted in my photo gallery. The first link below goes to my site. The other links are kind of a “best of” collection to other Taiwan historical resources. I will keep the link collection updated on my site as time goes by.
An extensive collection of Vintage Formosa Postcards and Photographs

A nice National Palace website of 17th century Formosa
1700~1800 book scans
A pdf of the 1935 Taipei Japanese exhibition
Taipei City layout and Walls Reading Taipei: Cultural Traces in a Cityscape
A nice pdf Collection of Old Taipei City Maps and a narrative
Michael Turton’s 1920s National Geographic scanned images of Taiwan
Michael Turton’s Photos from a 1956 Grolier World Countries Guide
Michael Turton’s Understanding the Mess in Taiwan
Jerome Keating’s Short history of Taiwan
A large 1945 map of Taipei (link from Chris)
Pictures of the historic Taipei Guanghua Market being torn down in 2005
Deco Orient Vintage China Posters
Stefan R. Landsberger’s Taiwan Liberation Poster and Taiwan Reunification Poster
Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC) History VOC Links
Fort Zeelandia Historical Dig and Dutch Records
New Taipei city pics and developer pics can be found in the Skyscraper Forums
George Kerr’s Formosa Betrayed .pdf
Allan James Shackleton’s Formosa Calling .pdf
Takao Club historical stories about Taiwan [color=blue](very interesting!)[/color]
The Pingquanhui - the face of Taiwan racism
Taiwan Aboriginal Rights Webpage
Dutch on Formosa Radio Documentary
Satellite Posters of Taiwan
Taiwan Pows
US Military in Taiwan Aronsons Journal
US Military in Taiwan LinkouNavy
US Military in Taiwan SkuLinKou

A while ago I think Cranky Lawai posted links to some websites from people that were stationed in Taiwan when the US Military was here. I recently dug through some of the photo galleries and found some interesting tidbits: … taipei.htm - Downtown Taipei in the early '70s - Hilton hotel going up and some pics of the Benjo - Chienkuo open sewer - Misc pics of '70s Taiwan - Taichung … adores.htm - Penghu - A couple of city pics mixed in with other things (I think Majestic hotel is the Leofoo?) … kwitch.htm - Misc Taipei pics including some base pics - What the Linkou base looked like in 2001

Another map is here: of their stomping grounds (North is South on both maps). It seems like the hangout was the Kings Hotel on the corner of Minchuan W. Rd and Chungshan N. Rd. (not really the zone) Now a bridal studio. The bus pickup to take the guys to the base in Shulinkou was across the street from the Kings Hotel. Several other pubs were right on Minchuan. There is a ShuLinkou NCO club photo, but not sure where that was. Must have been around that area somewhere? or maybe the MAAC area where the Minchuan stadium now is.

There is even a better collection of early '70s photo links at the bottom of this page. Also a good sat pic of where the base was located. There are too many good links to mention, you’ll have to dig through them yourself. Scroll down to the “dawg flight Photos” section.

just a few examples: - Hsimen area in 71 - McCauley beach for US military R/R (not sure exactly where it is, looks like Wanli (??) - Familiar places around Minchuan and Chungshan.

I think that’s enough links for the day (year…).

There is a nice slide show of old photos at the Taipei City Archives website at

Looks like the archives would be interesting too–anyone been there?

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