Vintage shops

I am looking for vintage furniture shops in Taipei or Northern Taiwan. Other locations are welcome too but it is more convenient for me in the Northern area.

I have been to the Tienmu Flea market and some ‘vintage shops’, although the shops have price tags of 100k and up for some pieces. That’s not exactly what I am looking for. So if you know a place that’s a steal feel free to share.

Rattan tends not to last.


I saw one somewhere in Neihu, years ago. I don’t know if it’s still there.

Expect high price tags though. You won’t find any gems that are cheap.


In Taiwan it is even more expensive because they are mostly imported. I would prefer to get something that has been used a lot and not in prestige condition. I found many shops I search online they produce vintage style furniture so it is new and pricey. The real stuff is out of reach. In Europe you can find gems in a fair price but we are in Taiwan…

Maybe I change my question to ‘any second hand furniture shop with nice prices?’

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Not sure exactly what you are looking for but this place has some reasonable prices for smaller items and they have some furniture as well. Very friendly people.


Just having a clear out and found a name card.
I had no idea what it was or when I picked it up.
Just looking at the link it is this - which may help with some vintage furniture:

We specialize in Nordic furniture, lamps, furnishings and small items made in 1950-1970
Committed to bringing beauty and goodness to the old Nordic life into your life