Violence in the Media (movies, TV, etc.) and veggies

Sorry if this has been done to death or something, point me to the correct thread if it has.

I went and saw Bad Boys 2 the other day (why isn’t important). I thought it was WAY too violent. Violence has NEVER bothered me before. I don’t know what has brought about this change in me. I was a young kid raised surrounded by violence (my mother did try to keep it to a minumun though). Played all the violent video games people complained about (Doom, Wolfestein, Mortal Kombat and now Counter Strike), watched all the violent movies, have seen all the death and gore in the US news and it has never bother me even the slightest bit, until now.

I though Bad Boys had too much violence. I don’t care what the movies rating is, it’s something parents are gonna take their kids to see. I thought it was grossly irrespossible to have so much violence in a movie (that’s geared to a potentially younger audience). Also, a lot of the violence didn’t add anything to the movie (execpt more violence).

Sorry about sounding so obvious, but remember, I’m only a kid.

On a similar (but off topic) note, I’ve also been having a burning desire to become vegetarian. But I LOVE meat (save your weak jokes, they won’t be funny). Are these events related and has anyone else anyone else had experiences similar to these?

You suddently think that Hollywood movies are too violent PLUS you have a burning desire to become vegetarian …

Hmmmm. What could that be?

Sounds like you are growing up a bit and something is telling you to lead a slightly healthier lifestyle.


I don’t wanna grow up. Cause if I did, I couldn’t be a Toys R Us kid.

I don’t know about the health thing though. I’d rank myself as being healthier then 99.9% of people on the planet (when I’m out of shape :shock: ). I think it had something to do with seeing the way the horses were treated in Bali. I didn’t like seeing that. Then I got to thinking if they get treated this bad, cattle and the like must get treated terrible. Then I remembered those stories of beakless chickens and crazy genetic stuff.

All that mal treatment must be bad karma or something. I might not be able to stop it, but I don’t have to propagate it. Dang! I really like beef noodles to :frowning: .

I never had so mad frowns in a post. Let me balance that out :smiley: .

Vegetarianism isn’t healthy (much less “healthier”) unless done properly.

Personally, I’d suggest enjoying your beef noodles and giving up the violent movies instead.

What is properly? And what diet is ok if not done properly?

What is properly? And what diet is ok if not done properly?[/quote]

A proper diet? A big plate of French Fries, a case of beer and 24 hour cable NHL hockey. What more do you need?

Here’s the result of my experience. No more fast food (Mc D’s, KFC, etc.) and no more voilent movies, TV and (when I’m done with CS) video games.

I hope to one day only eat meat from happy animals, but I have a feeling that will be hard to accomplish. we’ll see where it goes.

Um, wouldn’t it be “better” to kill unhappy animals to eat them? I mean, maybe they’re so unhappy they want to die and so you’d actually be doing them a favor. The happy ones would probably want to live on since… well, since they’re happy.

If I wanted to do that I’d just continue eating at Mc D’s and the lot of places like that. To elaborate further, it has to do with the mal treatment of animals that are used in fastfood products. Spoke with mom (goog old mom) and she was telling me that when her parents raised animals about how they frolicked around in the forest all day, living like they should. If we got into a discussion about how animals are raised now, you too might stop eating at Mc D’s (and company), maybe even stop eating meat altogether (who knows).

I also feel that the meat coming from an unhappy animal won’t be as (for lack of a better phrase and my unwillingness write anymore then this) spiritually healthy. I’ll leave it there.