Violent protestors storm US capitol building

It’s really why I don’t care. The GOP and the DNC are so close now. congress applauded when Yoon mentioned Reagan. All of them. I watch C-SPAN and get raw data and news. Biden is a shit and the DNC is corrupt af but foreign policy and screw China is going strong so I’m ok.

Anyway, that’s OT.

The proud bois can go reflect for a while in jail and let out their inner nazi.

Former Oath Keeper Ray Epps, a target of Jan. 6 conspiracy theories, charged by DOJ - ABC News (

a misdemeanor, yawnnnn. Looks like DoJ protecting this “fed” guy.
Another Jan. 6 defendant has similar 1-count misdemeanor and (forced to) plead guilty. His sentencing keeps getting pushed back.


Just minus the number convicted from the estimate of the total.