Violin Teacher for Four-Year Old

My son received a violin as a present, so I’m looking for a teacher. I know that I could certainly go to a store that sells violins and ask, but I was hoping that I could find a Forumosan that knows somebody. Perhaps we’ll need the teacher to come to our home and instruct him. A good reference would be helpful. Thank you.

We started our son on violin at six. We went to one of the neighborhood music schools. They are all over the place. We tried a couple before we found one we liked. He didn’t stick with it though. He’s got so much studying to do, I hated to push him. If you are in Yonghe, I can give you their number.

Thanks Dr. McCoy. No, we’re in Shi-Lin. The music schools are a good idea. I appreciate it. BTW, do you remember how much they were charging for lessons at the school?

Oh no. My wife paid for it. I’ll ask though.

I wonder if Yamaha offers violin lessons. Our girl’s been taking piano lessons with them for two years and we’re very happy with them. It’s a busy, popular school (on Nanjing Rd). I don’t know if they also have classes in Shihlin, but you can check:

3F, #6, Sec.2, Nan Jing E. Rd.
Taipei, Taiwan104, R.O.C
Phone: (886) 2-2511-8688
Fax: (886) 2-2511-7599

But I’m sure doc’s right; there ought to be a local neighborhood school near you. There are several not far from our place in Songshan.

Or you can wait for him to decide whether he wants to learn violin or not. Maybe he wants to be a black metal guitarist ?