Violinist Starting a Chamber Droup

OK, Most of you don’t qualify so bugger off! (JK) Seriously, I’m a violinist with serious chops but have been out of the game for awhile. If you are the same on your instrument, drop me a line. I’d dearly love to get a chamber group(s) going. So if you want to make some GOOD music, let’s talk!

Best Regards.


Are you just doing strings, or would you consider a seriously-out-of-shape bassoonist/oboist? Of course oboe is easier to carry…(Can’t carry the cello over at all, don’t have a hard case…)


Oboe would be great! There’s plenty of literature we could put together. The Mozart Quartet, some Bach, etc.

Excellent! Much easier to carry, and looks less threatening to airport security than a bassoon.

However, “out of shape” is “out of shape”…you have been warned!!


I used to play the viola, but that was a very long time ago. Wouldn’t mind starting back up though.

Im pretty sure it is like riding a bicycle. Once you know how, you never really forget. But I think I am really rusty because I have not touched a Viola since my HS graduation. Use to be 1st chair section leader though. Write back if your interested.


OK, now the stone begins to roll! Never mind rust… like T311 says, it’s like riding a bike, and the more we play the more will come back to us. After all, it’s largely a mental discipline, music. So, if a cello steps forward we’re in business on a Mozart Quartet. So, T, get yourself a viola (I play that, too). And Terry, start cutting some reeds.

I’ve got friend in Taipei who is a very good cellist (not even “lapsed”) but I believe she’s, er, with child at the moment, so might not be in a “celly” type mood just now. Another friend has always claimed proficiency on flute – this might be a good time to press the question!!


I play the recorder and am also interested.

With this kind of instrument mix, however, we might end up making “Quator pour la fin du temps” seem like an ordinary arrangement.

How about a pianist? Not that I have a piano but I am getting one (in the states unfortunately… don’t ask).

I am a cellist, but I do not have a cello here in Taiwan with me and I have no idea how to borrow one. Does anyone have any idea how to do this. If this were possible, then I would be interested in joining the quartet.

I have only played flute for three years.I hope that will be all right.

Sorry Folks, I’ve been up to my neck in ‘busy’ these last few weeks! Hey, the more instruments involved, the better. Piano and cello are musts (gotta have that continuo), of course. My long-term goal is to get together a bit of a ‘reading’ club, where we all get together regularly to read through music and enjoy socializing. The opportunities abound, as far as what we could play. So the more of any instrument, the better.

So what do you guys say to this idea: Let’s settle on a date and location, then on who is coming, then who is going to grab the parts, and then… have a little fun together.

Sounds peachy keen to me


Double Bass of interest?

Can you swing on that double bass? Get yo’ ass over here, then!

Who cares about swing…I wanna see somebody schlepping a double bass around on a 50 cc scooter…


Hey, Iron Lady, strange as it may seem, this was a FIRST for me last weekend (needs lots of bungees!)

Double Bass on my scooter from Hsin Dian to the plaza outside Core Pacific Mall for a Jazz Trio gig to promote the new Solio saloon by Suzuki. Its a crap car, but the other musicians are both berklee College of music grads (sax & guitar) - I enjoyed myself - the driving too! we’re there again this sat… (6 -9 pm)

Mo-Joe: Swing is my 1st love; you got anything going on?

So when and where?? Nobody’s set a date or time yet…(this is assuming I get my lower pads replaced – as per post in “Where can I find…?” forum!!)