Virgin Atlantic Flight Sends Out Hijack Signal

uh oh…something’s going on.,2933,158515,00.html


I would start to look seriously alarmed if my flight suddenly aquired a fighter escort.

I sincerely hope this is just a balls up.

Nothing on cnn so far…

Scotsman says it was a false alarm.

CNN says false alarm … index.html

IMO, it’s just a little pressure on Canada to refuse the right of air travel to and from Canada if travellers are on the US lists.

Reuters also says false alarm … ID=8694804

It’s got Mossad written all over it. Ever since the little green men came down from the sky, Zionist imperialists and ultra-rightwing American Christian fundamentalists have oh sorry. Wrong website.

Obviously a mistake involving the following:

1).Wrong squawk code.
2).American Paranioa.