Virginia’s governor’s race

This tactic of dressing up your guys as Nazi’s and claiming they are your opponents supporters is getting very old, this time it seems they got called out as people identified the so called tiki torch Nazi’s.

Seems they claim to identify a few of them, didn’t seem to identify this guy yet, although how they ever convinced him to pose as a white supremacist is beyond me.

I came here looking to post about this staged hoax.

Everything seems to be fake in this life.

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If I were an average citizen my head would be spinning, this started off as people trying to make this a viral moment with these people dressing up as tiki types (what does that even mean? When did were tiki torches part of the required Nazi getup?

Then it turns out some of the tiki torch guys seem to be recognized VA Democrat staffers so people ask, “Mr McAuliffe did you know about this stunt”, which he claimed to have no knowledge.

Then the Lincoln Project claims it was responsible.

The Lincon Project claim to be Republicans but have spent the past years really only concentrating on being anti Trump. So if they are Republicans at all, they are establishment types, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney the ones that suck up to corporations and want non stop war or they are just Democrats pretending to be Republicans.

Head spinning yet? Republican supporters are like.

Now here’s the interesting part, the Republican in question Glenn Youngkin is not seen as part of the Trump base, more like he is part of the establishment and only slightly better than the Democrat. From a source that belongs in the Trump camp.

What passes for an acceptable Republican in Virginia is the Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and John McCain brands. There is almost no difference between an establishment Republican and an establishment Democrat in this region. They eat together, hang out together, party together and generally live their best swamp life together. As a result, their election debates are usually on nuanced cultural issues.*

In the widely covered current governors race, the difference between former governor Terry McAuliffe (Democrat) and first-time Republican candidate Glen Youngkin, is very small. The clubs keep it that way; and no, they do not care about your opinion. Anyone who challenges the internecine club system in Virginia will quickly see themselves removed, and the club(s) will modify the party rules to avoid any further encroachment.


More on this story I think will follow.


But Trump isn’t a Republican and never was. He, like anyone else, simply could not do anything as a 3rd party candidate.

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:sweat_smile: It’s true! I so glad there are others following along. It can all get VERY confusing.

Here is the article I cane here originally to post.

The Democrats and corporates wanting/needing to win this gov race will do anything. Same hoaxes used for years against Trump et al.

Using this fake racist smear isn’t anything new. Jesse Smollett and others?I’ve encountered the same.

People are stupid.

Everything is fake.


This is the pedophile led group? Raised millions to smear Trump and the head of the org was a gay guy, married with children, who used his power/influence to seduce/coerce young boys/men?

Sickening realities

They are getting called that, I don’t have a problem with anyone’s sexual orientation but anyone (again from any sexual orientation) that preys on kids needs to go to jail.

I’m going to go with the Lincon Project being full on Democrats in disguise at this point, Glenn Youngkin doesn’t seem to belong to the Trump clan, they disown him at least and he has done his best up till now not to bring up Trump so he would seem to be the very Republican they proport to like. Why pull this stunt and try to make him look like some far right asshole?

Or as Glen Greenwald points out the possibility they are allowing themselves to be the fall guys.

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Mark Levin has been going on and on about this race. I’m sure the candidate has been on his show. Thursday’s show I’m pretty sure. The left don’t hate Trump any more than they hate Levin.

Levin has been wrong in the past for his endorsements but like the rest of us he learns as he goes along and measures outcomes.

Eric Swalwell get roasted over falling for the hoax.


Anyone who falls for anything like this now should get themselves checked for terminal stupid, but it’s just as likely a setup to make the Dems look bad. I wouldn’t believe anything like this until we know who did it and what their story is. Until then it’s a police/journalism matter and a big fat zero for telling us anything.


And now a handful of real neonazzies are home somewhere stuck with khakis and no place to wear them. A day late and a dollar short.

Humor aside, is the Lincoln Project actually using the horrific carmurder from the idiot parade a few years ago ironically? Who the hell OKed this?

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Yeah, the point is that the Dems are, were, and have always been racist af.

And this gaslighting:

Now, explain away the torches. It reminds me when in boot camp, one of the boys from Bahston used the Nword to describe one of the black fellas and was confronted by a drill instructor and fell back on, “I was talking about his attitude.” :roll_eyes: :grimacing:


That was my take. Why would the Dems use black guys? That’s just too stupid to be believable.


God only knows. Best to hear all the details first!

The racistnotracist irony makes the sarcasm more salient.

and this:

Push abortion in the AA community and demand more babies from Latinos? I’m glad it was just a joke. whew!

And a little Hume:

CNN is going with “stunt.”

This? lol. That was some stunt. Those wacky pranksters!


Nah… Larry Elder was a white supremacist, right? (I should not need to add this… I know you know, but here goes…) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This is new, don’t think he called the press perverts before.