Virtual Reality Gaming Center in Taipei

Is there such a place in Taipei? I want to take my son there. Also, I’m doing more and more of this kind of stuff at work.

I went to a cool place in Seoul but haven’t heard of anything like that here in Taiwan.

VIVELAND VR 虛擬實境樂園 in Syntrend mall, Guanghua.

It’s fun, and prices aren’t bad. Also the staff can usually speak English.

That’s awesome. I guess it’s safe to assume that everything will be the HTC brand VIVE there? That’s fine with me since that’s the stuff I’m working with. Thanks.

週日至週四 11:00 ~ 21:30
週五至週六及國定假日前夕 11:00 ~ 22:00

三創生活園區 10058 台北市中正區市民大道三段二號三樓 VR 特區


Yes the headsets and controllers are Vive, though they have specialised equipment you won’t get in a home setup like a gun, a baseball bat, racing car, and a wobbly plank to walk on.

There’s also a dedicated roomscale room, not sure what the game is in there.

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There’s a fantastic VR gaming center in Hualien. It’s in the new IMAX area, the place featuring that freight container Starbucks.

Great fun, especially for the kids (or young at heart).

Syntrend has a new VR area on the top floor, called Viveland 4D. It’s one large space where 4 people can play together walking around wearing VR headsets in a large room-scale environment.

They have wireless VR headsets attached to backpacks, but they were out of order/power when I saw it so everyone was playing wired (with cables running through the ceiling).

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