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I am a newbie to this site, but would like some help form the more long termers of you.

I will be returning to Taiwan, along with my Taiwanese wife after some 40 years of absence other than vacation trips etc.

I am in my late 70’s and the reason why we are returning, is that my wife does not have long left to live, probably less than 12 months, would like to spend that time with her family and relatives etc in Taiwan, something i am only to happy to accept.

Having read some of the threads in regard to ARC’s etc, i know that i could apply for the JFRV after arrival, are there any age limits to this or not, no time before we come. What i have not been able to find out, is what happens when she finally passes away.

As it is likely that i would not have been in Taiwan any great length of time, what would the authorities do, throw me out, give me some extra time to sort out the necessary items or quite what. The TECO office that i have contacted has not exactly been helpful or a trove of information.

I would appreciate responses to this as we are due to arrive in June, and i need to deicde what to do over certain financial aspects etc.

I should point out, that i do not expect to remain in Taiwan long term myself after my wife passes away, i will return to the US, but would need some time to organise certain actions before leaving, this might take up to six months.

If any of you can offer advice, particularly if you might be in a similar type situation then please post those ideas, or PM me.

Dear Plotzed,

First off, sorry to hear about your situation and reason for coming to Taiwan. I’m sure it’s a rough time with a lot to do and think about. My sincerest condolences.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a direct answer to your question about JFRV validity after your spouse passes away; the thought has crossed my mind more than once and, despite several inquiries, I have yet to get a straight answer.

One thing that you can be assured of is, even if the validity did not continue, it is very easy to leave and re-enter on 30-60 day tourist visas. This just entails hopping on a flight out of the country and, in most cases, hopping on the next flight right back. It may not be your first choice of how to take care of everything that you have to deal with, but it would buy you the extra time to take care of the details you mentioned.

Just thought that I’d let you know that there are alternatives if the JFRV is cancelled. There are a lot of other regular posters here that are pretty well-versed on the ins and outs of the different visa laws here. I’m sure someone will be able to give you a better answer shortly.



My condolences as well

As CK says this is something that a number of us are concerned about, and like you until now i have not been able to get a clear answer.

Richard Hartzell is our resident guru on these types of matters and it might be worth PM’ing him to ask this question.

Richard, for the benefit of all of us with wifes and families here what is your take on this issue, would it depend on how long we had been here, length of marriage, age of kids etc.
This topic affects a good number of us on this site and it would be useful to have some insight on just where we would stand in the event of our spouses passing away.