Visa and job permit

I come from Poland. I came here to my girlfriend. I got visitor visa with 90 days stay period. The guy in Poland said that I can get next visa on 90 days , without any problem and without going outside Taiwan. Is it true , and where I have to go (Police?)?
Second question , After half a year if I want stay here longer, do I have to go outside Taiwan and there try get next visa, or may I do it here? And do you know if it is any problem to get next visa and back after few days to taiwan.
I’d like to find job in IT here and I have BA and more then 3 years expirience. But my friend said me that I have to have 3 years expirience after I get my BA not before. Is it true?
Recently another friend said that he heard that ithe rules about that expirience changed in last months? Maybe you kno something on that subject?

Thanks Hans

I’m almost certain your visa is NOT for 90 days. It probably says ‘valid for 90 days’ or something. But I think you’ll find that is the time in which you are able to enter Taiwan (ie use the visa). Check it again very carefully. You probably have a 30 day or 60 day visa. You won’t be able to renew that without leaving the country, getting a job or taking Chinese lessons. Check other threads on this forum for details.


I have visa entry for half a year. But after entry I have period of stay here 90 days.