Visa App. form - from visa exempt all the way to JFRV

Ok, so…a few more questions because Taiwan can’t seem to answer them…

My situation:

American recently married to Taiwanese…we will take our honeymoon/visa run abroad. I entered Taiwan as visa-exempt, so now I need to start from scratch. I did most of the gatherin of documents and my new question is regarding the application. Do I…

Apply for a “visitors visa” through Hong Kong/Bangkok/Guam for the purpose of???


joining or visiting family?

The second would be more truthful, but that isn’t always the easy way.

And…if my reason for the visitors visa is to obtain a JFRV (joining or visiting family) would I need to show proof of onward travel for the visitors visa?

No one in any office can seem to answer these questions…any help would be super.

JFRV … bring your marriage certificate … copy of your wifes houshold register certificate

So I can apply for my JFRV from outside of Taiwan?

Or, visitors visa for the purpose of gettin a JFRV?


Or, visitors visa for the purpose of gettin a JFRV?[/quote]

Yes, just mention join family, and they want a copy of your marriage certificate and probably the proof that you are registered at your wifes household address …
I lived in Taiwan on a visa for 5 years or so while married before I applied for an ARC … they also asked me to bring a HIV test report when I wanted a 60 day multiple extendable visa … never gave them one, resulted in a 60 day only visa each time