Visa application with different names on documentation

Hi I just have a quick question. I’m heading to Taiwan soon on a visitor visa and hope to find work over there and convert it to a work visa. My one concern is that my passport has my middle name on it while my Degree and resulting transcripts do not (they just have my first and last name). Has anyone else applied for a work visa under these circumstances? Should I try and get the university to write an official letter explaining that the name on the degree is for the same person as on my passport.

You might have trouble. One teacher at the school I worked for had problems because there were more than one version of his name on his documents. The university misspelled his first name on his degree.

my middle name is not on my degree but is in my passport and my work permit and residency visa got approved 2 weeks ago no problems. Also be careful that if an official type fills out an applicaton they don’t confuse your middle name and first name. For this reason i leave my middle name out wherever i can.

Bureaucracies here in Taiwan are notorious for not “getting” the theory behind Western names. Initials, shortened forms of names (e.g. Mike vs. Michael), middle names and truncated names (from computer systems that only allow, say, 10 letters per name) confuse the hell out of people here for some reason, despite their having all studied English in school for years.

Try adding “unknown” letters and you start to have even more fun, my name gets americanized, which doesn’t really work and I end up in all sorts of confusing situations because of that. My bank refused a bank transfer to my account becuase of this!

excellent thanks for the replies. I think I’ll just wait and see, my uni isn’t the most organised bunch so trying to get anything from them is like drawing blood from a stone.