Visa/Border Run 101

So can I ask something on this thread? I am planning something similar to the OP. I will be coming to taiwan in Feb for 6months from the UK. After that I’ll do a visa run to Philippines or similar place. My question is… Do I need proof of onward travel on my return to Taiwan from a visa run to stay another 3months?

I’m also from the UK. When I was in Taiwan, a few weeks ago, I left to go to Japan for a couple of weeks and then returned to Taiwan afterwards.

Both times when I boarded a plane in the direction of Taiwan they asked at the airport gate for proof of onward travel. I don’t know what they would do if I said I don’t have it, but they did ask for the flight ticket for the exit of Taiwan each time.

You could book a refundable flight to Hong Kong (cheap ticket) or something and cancel it a few days after crossing the border if you are concerned.

Thanks for this info… it’s good to know the current situation. The FCO website says to contact the Taiwanese embassy in the UK if planning to stay longer than 180days. Is this worth doing do you know? I wonder what they would say or offer if I approached them?

Had you done an internet checkin? There’s currently an issue whereby people bypass the checkin desk so proof of onward travel and/or possession of an ARC is not confirmed.

That’s very possible if airport allows electronic boarding pass on phone and you have no bags to check.

Bag drop sometimes checks your data.

Yeah, or used self-check in terminal, the flights were also booked independently, so China Airlines had no idea about my Cathay Pacific flight out, for example. I was hand luggage only.

Is this still a thing, by the way?

No, just 90 days.

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Few important advices:
1-When leaving Taiwan make sure that you are not over 90 days from the time of arrival (counted by the calendar one by one as some months have 31 days and thay count as 31 days).
2-Have a return ticket when boarding to Taiwan. This return ticket doesnt need to be paid for, but it needs a real booking number.
3-Macau and Hong Kong are the cheapest destinations, airfare wise.
4-Currently you can do 90 day run ups for ever.

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im not promoting this nor have i tried it but thought it looked useful

Does any know how much money is needed as proof of adequate funds to show immigration if needed for the duration of my stay of six months?

Also what’s the visa situation for digital nomads? Do they need a work visa? I read somewhere that the ministry of labour does require one for digital nomads of foreign companies.

In general if you intend to do work in Taiwan, you need a work permit. That applies even if your customers are overseas. You also need to pay Taiwanese income taxes.

Who gets 6 month visas?
Immigration at the airport will never ask for proof of funds. Maybe an onward ticket, but the airline carrier taking you usually asks for that.

Technically it’s illegal to look for work on a landing Visa. I got a Visa before coming when i first came. Went to the trade office in my country, proved my funds. This is the legal way to find a job. The other way is to get a job before you come and have your ARC waiting for your when you arrive.

I think you mean visa exempt. Though, is it illegal to look for work without a visa? Boca, Mofa, or NIA site has an instruction how to get resident visa for white collar workers from visa exempt.

You need this one. It’s illegal to look for work on a tourist visa. This includes the Visa exempt landing stamp.

From the AIT website
If you are already in Taiwan on a Visitor Visa, you should contact Bureau of Consular Affairs, MOFA to apply for a Resident Visa after you receive the work permit. If you entered Taiwan without a visa or with a Landing Visa, you will need to leave Taiwan to apply for a Resident Visa. For detailed information, visit The section “Taiwan Visas” also has further information on visas

If you are currently outside Taiwan, you should apply for a Resident Visa before entering Taiwan. See the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Taipei website for more information.

After you enter Taiwan with a Resident Visa, you must apply for an Alien Resident Card (ARC) within 15 days of your arrival. For information about the ARC visit .

White collar workers can get resident visa without leaving taiwan.

Resident Visas for White Collar Workers

Applicants who enter the R.O.C. (Taiwan) without a visa and have obtained a work permit issued by competent authorities of the R.O.C. (Taiwan) may apply to the Bureau of Consular Affairs or any of its Central, Southwestern, Southern, or Eastern Taiwan Offices for an extendable Visitor Visa. Subsequently and with the extendable Visitor Visa, the applicants must apply to the National Immigration Agency for an Alien Resident Certificate

The employment seeking visa allows you to stay in Taiwan for 6 months. I don’t know the law saying looking for work on visa exempt is illegal.